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Short film competition of the Goethe-Institut Max Müller Bhavan Chennai

Closing date: 31.05.2006
Chennai, India
+91 44 28331314
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The Goethe Institute Max Mueller Bhavan in Chennai invited Indian film-makers and artists to capture the different aspects of the power of language in short films. The idea of this project is based on the multilingual diversity of India.

India is rich with languages and Indians are extremely skilled when it comes to learning foreign languages. The foreigner often wonders how this nation is able to function so well with so many different languages. Europeans look at India to see how this works and what can be learned from it. The films were supposed to elucidate the ease and normality with which people treat this linguistic diversity. These are, however, just a few aspects in the context of "The Power of Language" and the created films.

Participants were requested to depict the particular forms of communication that have been developed in handling this diversity (visual elements, common references to mythological traditions, gestures and other common references). The film makers were asked to capture the different aspects of the power of language. In order to take part in the contest the films were supposed to have a length of 60 seconds. They could be any genre such as short feature, narrative, documentary, animation or else.

The invitation to the film competition ran until May 31, 2006. It is planned to show the resultant works at the “Power of Language Festival” in Berlin and may already be looked at resultant works of the film competition

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