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Multilingualism in a globalised world - Think global - speak… (local)

Series of events
2006 and 2007
Glasgow, United Kingdom
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In autumn 2006, starting from the assumption that both the UK and Germany are multinational societies in a globalised world, Goethe-Institut Glasgow will be considering questions relating to language and literature, language and identity. Languages establish identity, yet at the same time languages differentiate. Languages can be at once bridges and barriers to understanding.

A conference is being held in May 2007 to discuss the role of foreign languages in educating responsible citizens. How can the knowledge of a foreign language help find one’s way in today’s globalised world, assist in understanding different values and cultures. How can it help make decisions in complex economical, social and political matters? How do schools prepare their students for the increase in mobility and the rise in demands of communication and interaction? Education professionals from Scotland and Germany will try to answer these questions in a panel discussion. Other topics include: examples of bilingual education as well as inclusion and promotion of migrant languages in school curricula.

Cooperating partners for the series are the Alliance Française, the Edinburgh International Bookfestival, the University of Stirling and the Scottish Centre for Information on Language Teaching and Research (SCILT).

The series will include the following events:

August 17, 2006
Panel discussion at the Edinburgh International Book Festival: Why is translated foreign fiction so successful in Germany and why not in the UK? What are the implications thereof? Participants: Michael Krüger (Hanser Verlag), Richard Kämmerlings (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) and Boyd Tonkin (Independent)

August 22, 2006
Presentation of new German literature in translation at the Edinburgh International Book Festival
Karen Duve reads from her novel "Dies ist kein Liebeslied" and Jan C. Wagner presents his novel "Eismond"

November 14, 2006
Reading with Ilija Trojanow
Ilija Trojanow, himself multilingual, presents his new novel "Der Weltensammler" (The collection of worlds, published by Hanser Verlag), which won this year’s Leipzig Book Fair Prize.

6./7.March 2007
Readings with Anne Weber
Anne Weber is an author and translator living in Paris. She is writing in German and in French. What does not writing in one’s mother tongue mean? How do France and Germany promote and adapt translations from their neighbouring country?

23.Mai 2007

The Power of Language: the role of languages education in promoting responsible citizens. Konferenz in Zusammenarbeit mit der Universität Stirling und SCILT 

Publication on "The Power of Language"

A multimedia publication reflects the role of language in a globalised world.

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