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The Power of Language at the Leipzig Book fair 2007

podium discussion
March 24, 2007
Leipzig, Germany
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Following the theme of the 2006 P.E.N. conference in Berlin, “writing in a world without peace”, this event will broach a discussion of the role and significance of writers as co-shapers of political and cultural processes.

Have writers a responsibility towards civil society? What possibilities of implementing “their” power of language do writers have so as to exercise an influence on (political) events? These and other questions and difficulties continually confront authors when they attempt to make their influence felt, and will be the focus of the podium discussion.

The writer and journalist Gert Heidenreich (president of the German P.E.N. Centre from 1991-1995) will talk of his own and of his colleagues’ experience, and take questions from the audience. The president of the Goethe Institute and former President of the German Constitutional Court, Prof. Dr. Jutta Limbach, will illuminate the subject from the angle of the law and language politics.

The event will take place on Saturday March 24, 2007 from 4 till 6 pm at the Congress Center Leipzig (CCL) (assemly room 11).

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