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film project
December 2006 till January 2007
Jerusalem, Israel
00-972 2 5610627

Despite all the painful experiences and understandable reservations, the vast majority of German-speaking Jews who fled to Palestine/Israel in the thirties and the forties to escape the Nazi dictatorship have not given up their language or their ties to German culture.

On the contrary, the so-called “Jeckes” managed to cultivate cultural customs and their generally outstanding knowledge of German language and literature for decades - (in contrast to all the national reservations and the tabus about all things German, which only dissipated slowly). Their contribution to the building of the nation in many areas, such as medicine, commerce, law and education, is well-known. Many of these bridge-builders between the old and new homeland are no longer alive. Most of their children and grandchildren are no longer able to speak German. But the third generation is now displaying a high degree of openness and tangible sympathy for their central European roots and the German language.

The film project focuses on these people’s biographies and investigates their cultural ties and their ability to maintain a certain inclination, or even love for the German language and culture in their “new” homeland of Israel.

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