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Languages in Contact

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Warsaw, Poland
Languages in Contact – Project Description: Warsaw

As part of its worldwide programme ‘The Power of Language’, focussing on the role of language in a globalised world, the Goethe-Institut will host a podium discussion on ‘Languages in Contact’ in Warsaw on April 21, 2007. Parallel to the discussion, a film series will be shown whose subject is the collision of the cultures of diverse European nationalities.

In allusion to Martin Pollack’s anthology ’Sarmatische Landschaften’ (S. Fischer Verlag 2005) and Tzveta Sofronieva’s anthology ’Verbotene Worte’ (Biblion Verlag 2005), writers, translators, and essayists with ‘experience of boundaries’ will reflect on the complex of ideas constituted by ‘Language – Literature – Identity – Intercultural Contacts in a Changing World’.

The discussion will focus on the possibilities and limits of intercultural communication in central Europe and consider the following questions:
- What happens when opposed linguistic patterns and cultural particularities meet?
- How has the historical diversity and cultural charging of words been treated since 1989 in a Europe that is growing together?
- How are words and ideas such as homeland, identity, expulsion, freedom, tradition, nation, patriotism, democracy, feminism and others understood in different countries?

Co-hosting the event with the Goethe-Institut are the Rumanian Cultural Institute, the Austrian Cultural Forum and the Czarne Publishing House.

Participating in the discussion will be
• Richard Wagner (Rumanian-born German writer), Berlin (invitation accepted);
• Nora Juga (poet and translator from the German), Bucharest (invitation accepted);
• Dimitre Dinev (Bulgarian-born Austrian writer), Vienna (invited);
• Krzysztof Czyzewski (essayist and founder and director of the ‘Pogranicze’ Foundation), Sejny-Warsaw, (invitation accepted);
• Aleksander Kaczorowski (Polish essayist and specialist in Bohemian Studies), Warsaw (invitation accepted).

Andrzej Kopacki (Polish specialist in German Studies, translator, and poet), Warsaw, has been invited to moderate the discussion.

Goethe-Institut Warsaw

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