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The power of language in images. In the Francke Foundation in Halle

Photographic exhibition
26 September 2007 – January 2008
Halle, Historisches Waisenhaus (Historic Orphanage)
Andrea Klapperstück: +49 (03 45) 212 74 28

The power of language in images
Photographic exhibition in the Francke Foundation in Halle as part of the theme for 2007 “mitteilenswert. Ein Jahr der Kommunikation” (“worth passing on. A year of communication”)

Initiated and co-ordinated by the Franckesche Stiftungen, the cultural, academic, social, religious and other organisations in society in the city of Halle have been joining forces since 2000 to hold a themed year on a different topic each year. The 100-plus institutions involved manage to illustrate the annual theme from very different perspectives and to stimulate debate at some 300 events around the city each year. 2007 is devoted to the communication media with a focus on language, books and libraries, promotion of reading and writing, the new communication media and the structures of social processes of communication.

One highlight of the programme is the photographic exhibition “The power of language in images”, which presents the outcome of the Goethe-Institut’s international photographic competition in the Historisches Waisenhaus of the Francke Foundation from 26 September 2007 until January 2008. The exhibition, which will come to Halle following its launch at the festival “The power of language” in the Academy of Arts in Berlin, will embark on a world-wide tour in 2008.

In response to the exhibition “The power of language in images”, the Francke Foundation will devote a series of events of their own to various aspects of language and their role in our culture: how does language influence relationships between people, and between people and their environment, how does unconsciously and consciously used language form the self-image of the individual or of entire groups, and what influence do the new communication media have on our use of language? These questions will be investigated in debates with experts and in more relaxed conversations.

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Historisches Waisenhaus (Historic Orphanage)
Tuesday – Sunday and public holidays 10 – 17 hrs
Admission € 3, concessions € 2, children € 1

Groups with advance reservations (German/English) € 15 per group

Publication on "The Power of Language"

A multimedia publication reflects the role of language in a globalised world.

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