Further training course

The "Schule im Wandel" further training course provides a vocational further training course for teachers who teach German as a foreign language. Its core component and most important input is short films from Germany that show scenes from schools, lesson excerpts and educational concepts and projects. The course material is supplemented by film examples and documentation unadapted for teaching from Finnish, Polish, Portuguese and Czech schools.

The blended learning format has been chosen for the course to react to the increasing need for flexitime models in teacher training. Self-managed online phases enable course participants to allocate their time and work according to their individual requirements.

In addition to numerous (technical) notes, the PDF handbook contains tips and suggested solutions for the individual chapters, film transcripts and detailed tutoring guidelines. The latter introduces the possible uses of "Schule im Wandel", offers suggestions for design phases where attendance is required and defines a possible link with the Mahara e-portfolio.

"Schule im Wandel" was developed for the Moodle learning platform and can be integrated free of charge into the learning platforms of training and further education institutions.


    What is a Blended Learning course? How are the online phases organised? What activities are offered? You can find information on the course concept here. More...


      As well as learning about the developments emerging in schools today, the film material is used to put across didactic and pedagogical content. New approaches to teaching and organising day-to-day life in schools are discussed. More...

        Targets and target groups

        The target group for the teacher training course is primarily teachers who teach German as a foreign language in secondary schools. Another target group is DaF (German as a foreign language) students and teachers in training. More...

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