About the project

    “Schule im Wandel” (school undergoing change) is a training programme for teachers who teach German as a foreign language in secondary schools. Furthermore, the idea of the course is to provide a European reference model for the professional development of teachers of foreign languages.

    The profession of teacher has never before been under such scrutiny from education politicians and the media. One thing is certain – social change has also brought with it changes to schools and is thus placing new demands on teachers today. For a long time, being a teacher has meant more than simply “teaching”: it requires a broad range of skills and knowledge that are often not given enough attention during degree courses and teacher training.

    It is precisely at this point that effective, comprehensive further training for teachers of foreign languages can be applied. In this context and within the framework of a COMENIUS project, the "Schule im Wandel" further training course aims to train foreign language teachers effectively and prepare them for the growing responsibilities and expectations associated with their profession.

    The films act as visual aids

    The centre-piece of the blended learning course fort he learning platform Moodle are films that were filmed at ten German schools. They provide insights into the manifold developments of schooling and teaching. They also show how traditional forms of conveying knowledge have been overcome by new forms of learning and new concepts of classroom teaching. The films act as visual aid for tasks that encourage the participants to cooperatively reflect on, discuss and exchange school-related issues. The adaptation of the films from Germany for teaching is supplemented at certain points with further film examples and documentation from schools in Finland, Poland, Portugal and the Czech Republic.

    Project coordination: Goethe-Institut, Head Office
    Bildungskooperation Deutsch

    Project duration: 1st October 2008 to 30th September 2010