Deutsch Online Spezial: Aussprache

Foto: Goethe-Institut © Bernhard Ludewig
Deutsch Online Spezial: Aussprache - Foto: Goethe-Institut © Bernhard Ludewig

Deutsch Online Spezial: Aussprache

I want to perfect my German pronunciation through a training that is tailored just to me.
€ 285,-

“Stützstrümpfe, Eichhörnchen, Quietscheentchen.” German pronunciation can be challenging, but with a bit of training even the most daunting words will easily roll off your tongue! In the DEUTSCH ONLINE AUSSPRACHE training, you will improve your accent as you practice speaking fluently and confidently with your instructor. You will work intensively on those sounds, words and rules that are still difficult for you. Your individual learning plan will cover everything from expanding your vocabulary to mastering word stress, intonation, and sentence structures.


You begin the training by making a short voice recording on the Goethe-Institut’s learning platform. Your instructor will give you personal feedback on the areas where you can improve your pronunciation and accent and create a learning plan catered to your individual needs. You will meet with your instructor via webcam for 5 online live sessions to work on your pronunciation. The sessions can be flexibly scheduled.

Deutsch Online Spezial: Aussprache - Screenshot: Auslautverhärtung - Foto: Goethe-Institut © Bernhard Ludewig

During the online live sessions, you will not only practice those specific sounds, words, and sentences that are relevant for you, but also work on dialogues and texts. Your pronunciation instructor will make the mouth movements slowly and clearly so that you can easily repeat them. Each session will conclude with feedback on your progress.

At the end of the training you will do another voice recording to monitor your improvement and receive a certificate of attendance.


Deutsch Online Spezial: Aussprache For level A2 and up
Exercise units 5x 45-minute online live training sessions
Total amount of time to work through the training 5 hours
Duration of the training max. 2 months
Support from a personal pronunciation instructor Communication via e-mail and in online live sessions
Max. learning progress To improve oral expression
Operating system Windows, MacOS, Linux
Browser The latest version of Internet Explorer® (32-bit version)
The latest version of Firefox®
The latest version of Apple Safari
Bandwidth 512 kbps
Additional technical requirements Internet connection and an e-mail address
Headset and webcam
Online live sessions 5 sessions
Compatible with mobile devices No
Support languages German
Learning material Online exercises in a virtual classroom
Certificate Certificate of participation upon successful completion of the course
Price € 285,--