Radio D – an audio language course for beginners

Radio D is a stand-alone language course which can be used either in conjunction with a teacher or without.
The audio language course Radio D comprises two series, each with 26 episodes. An English-speaking presenter takes the listener through the programme and, along with a guest, discusses structures and expressions used in the German language. Geographical, historical and institutional aspects are also included.

Each episode comprises:
  • Information/summary
  • Synopsis of various expressions important for your vocabulary

Level A1

Episodes 1-26

Paula and Philipp – journalists at Radio D – research mysterious cases and, to this end, travel the length and breadth of Germany: at Neuschwanstein, they meet up with King Ludwig. From Hamburg, they report on a shark in the harbour, and at the carnival celebrations the two reporters encounter witches. More...

Level A2

Episodes 27-52

Paula and Philipp research further exciting cases. They experience adventurous situations: in Grünheide, a village in Brandenburg, they witness a race between a Trabant and a Porsche. In Bonn, a mysterious case takes them to the Beethoven-Haus. In Jena, they report on an act of laser terror. More ...

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