Online advice

Online advice provided by the Jugendmigrationsdienste (Youth Migration Services; JMD)

Online advice is a service provided by the Jugendmigrationsdienste (Youth Migration Services; JMD). You can contact the counsellors via the internet and ask them your questions. The team of counsellors has been working for many years in the field of advising and counselling immigrants. They can provide answers to all your questions about living in Germany or problems that you encounter there. For example: Where can I get a driving licence? What job can I do in Germany? I need a solicitor – what do I have to do? …

The website for the online advice service,,is currently available in German and Turkish. But the following languages will soon be available: English, Arabic, Serbian, Albanian and Russian. It is already possible to ask questions in these languages.

This is how to use the site:

Go to the online advice service website. You will see this picture:


Click on one of the titles in the image. You will see this field:

© Enter your question in the field. Sample questions are shown below the field. These will help you to formulate your own question.

Have you entered your question in the field?

Click on “Start advice session”. Now you have to register:

© Colourbox.comTo do this, enter a user name and password. You will need these two things for every subsequent visit to log in.

Once you have finished and submitted your question, you will receive an answer within 24 hours. You won’t find this answer in your normal e-mail account. You have to log back into the online advice website. Next click on “Mein JMD (My JMD)”. You will find your question(s) and answer(s) there.

But you can only read the answer to your question in the JMD online advice portal. It is secure and anonymous. No one sees the question and answer – only you and the counsellor.

You can also ask your questions using chat or in a forum with the JMD online advice service. However that is not anonymous: you can also communicate with other immigrants through the chat and in the forum. Everyone can read your questions and answers.
die Beratung: Bei einer Beratung bekommen Sie Hilfe von Experten bei vielen Fragen. Genauere Informationen finden Sie in der Rubrik „Hilfe finden“.
der Führerschein, die Führerscheine: Sie fahren ein Auto, einen Lastwagen oder ein Motorrad? Dann brauchen Sie einen Führerschein. In diesem Dokument steht, dass Sie Auto, Lastwagen oder Motorrad fahren dürfen.
der Benutzername, die Benutzernamen: Das ist ein Name für die Anmeldung auf einer Internetseite oder auf einem Computer.
das Passwort, die Passwörter: Das ist ein geheimes Kennwort für die Anmeldung auf einer Internetseite oder auf einem Computer. Man muss es meist mit dem Benutzernamen angeben. Es schützt die Informationen zur eigenen Person.