Frequently-asked questions – Leisure

I am new to Germany. How can I get to know people in the area where I live?

You can join a club in your local area. You can find information about your local clubs from the citizen’s information centre in the town hall. Or you could for instance take a course at an adult education centre. You can also get to know people who live locally at the integration course or another language course.

Where do I go to make contact with people from my home country?

Many migrants in Germany meet up in immigrants’ associations. Some immigrants’ associations will also help you with problems. You can find for information from the “Welcome to Germany” website: “Immigrant organisations”.

Where is there a swimming pool in my town/city?

You can find information about swimming pools and other leisure activities on the website for the town in which you live.

I would like to go to a concert. What concerts are on in the next few days in the town/city where I live?

You can find information about cultural options from sources such as newspapers, the radio, television or the internet. Posters are often displayed around town to provide information about concerts too.

What newspapers are available in my city?

There are many different newspapers in Germany. They often deal with different topics depending on the federal state and administrative district. These newspapers are mostly written in German. International newspapers can often be found at kiosks in train stations. You can find an overview here as well as searching for newspapers available in your area: http://www.bdzv.de/maerkte-und-daten/zeitungslandschaft/

Additional information for asylum seekers

On the “refugee radio network” you can also listen to up-to-date news in your language. ARD’s website also publishes the latest news in Arabic or English.

I am not familiar with the Internet or computers. Who can help me?

You can take part in a computer course at the VHS. Please ask for more information at your local Migration advice.

More questions? Contact the advisors at the Youth Migration Services.