Living with children

Frequently-asked questions – Living with children

Where can I find a pregnancy advice centre?

There are advice centres in many places. Your obstetrician can help you. But you can also find out more information from pro familia.

Can any woman take advantage of Mutterschutz (legal protection for working mothers) if she is pregnant?

Any woman in permanent employment can take advantage of Mutterschutz. It usually starts 6 weeks before the birth. Do you work with toxic substances? For instance in a laboratory? You will not be allowed to continue working there if you are pregnant. And you will immediately be protected by Mutterschutz.

Who can take parental leave?

Mothers and fathers can take parental leave if they are in permanent employment. Parental leave is usually 1 year per person. If both father and mother take parental leave, it lasts 14 months.

Who can apply for parental allowance?

It depends on your residential status. You can find out more information from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.

Where can I find a childminder?

You can find a male or female childminder through the Youth Office in your town. Sometimes there are rent-a-grandmas or rent-a-grandpas, older people who enjoy spending time with children. Ask at the Youth Office.

More questions? Contact the advisors at the Youth Migration Services.
legal protection for working mothers (der Mutterschutz): These are rules to protect pregnant women and mothers with a permanent job. The most important rules are: a woman is not allowed to work for a certain period before and after the birth of her child. In Germany it is 6 weeks before the birth and at least 8 weeks after the birth. During this time the woman continues to receive her wages/salary. From the start of pregnancy until 4 months after the birth, the employer is not allowed to terminate her employment. There are some professions in which women are not allowed to work for the entire duration of the pregnancy. This applies in particular to jobs where you work with chemical substances.