Frequently-asked questions – Insurance

How much do I have to pay for health insurance and pension insurance?

You pay about 15.5 per cent of the money you earn to your statutory health insurance. Pension insurance is about 10 per cent. That means that if you earn a lot of money, then you have to pay more. If you earn less money, then you have to pay less.

My company has to pay something towards my health insurance and pension insurance. How do I get the money?

You don’t have to do anything. The employer transfers the money directly to the insurance companies on your behalf.

I earn a lot of money and the statutory health insurance is too expensive for me. Is there an alternative?

Yes. You can approach a private health insurance company. That often works out cheaper for younger people. But for older people it usually costs more than the statutory health insurance. Then it is very difficult to be accepted by the statutory scheme again. Conditions vary with private health insurance schemes: you don’t get the same money from every private health insurance company even in the same situation.

Where can I find a pension insurance company?

If you have permanent employment, you don’t have to find a pension insurance company. You are automatically in the Deutsche Rentenversicherung. You can also take out a policy with a private pension insurance company. You have to find this yourself. If you are not in permanent employment, you should also take out a private pension policy. Make sure you receive good advice.

When I’m old, the pension insurance scheme will pay me. Will I receive as much money as I earn now?

No, you will usually be paid less money. But you can take out a private pension policy in addition to that. Then you will have a little more money in your old age than you would have had with just the statutory cover.

The car insurance pays out if I damage another car. But what do I do if I damage my own car in an accident?

A comprehensive insurance policy pays out if your own car is damaged. You normally have to pay a higher premium for this kind of policy. Make sure you receive good advice.

I am looking for an insurance policy for my dog. What sort of insurance is good?

Sometimes liability insurance policies cover dogs too. It’s best to check with the insurance company. Consumer centres can also be helpful, as they can provide plenty of information about the different kinds of insurance.

I have many questions on the subject of insurance. Who can help me?

The best thing is to go to an advice centre in the town where you live. The youth migration services help children and young adults up to the age of 27. Migration advice for adult immigrants helps adults.

More questions? Contact the advisors at the Youth Migration Services.