Benno Schirrmeister
Benno Schirrmeister
Editor at taz.die tageszeitung, Northern Germany desk, Bremen

Host medium: Estonian Public Broadcasting in Tallinn   Time of stay: Autumn 2016   Would like to report on: I would really like to report on the theatre group No99, but it will be touring through Belgium and France then. But where there’s one exciting performance group there is usually at least one more and I will find it. Then there are a few very unconventional comic artists, Triine Lille caught my eye, and Joonas Sildre. I’ll try to contact them. If all else fails, I’ll investigate the mystery of the Brotherhood of Blackheads of Reval: Hanseatic history.   How I’ve perceived my host country until now: Conquered in the 12th century by a Catholic Bremen terrorist militia, how embarrassing, then Danes – Tal means Danish, linn means city –, Swedes, Russians, Soviets, freedom is sung, independent for exactly 25 years. The massive (and big sinister) neighbour is Russia. Digitalization must be extremely advanced in a state where people can vote via text messaging, public transport in Tallinn is ticketless, great! Whether that is so in Tartu – I’ve no idea. The university is there. Learning more Estonian than “tere” and “nägemist” – I'm afraid nothing will come of that. They even have different lengths in the consonants! Without being able to tell from the spelling. Cool. Lots of islands, lots of lakes, forests – and very, very few people. 

His Tallinn exchange partner Greete Palmiste is reporting for the taz from Bremen.
    Szene aus der Dokushow „I’d rather dance with you“ von Oleg Soulimenko, Photo: Mats Õun

    The Unseen Pain

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    Tallinn, 06.11.2016: Less Wagon, More Courage

    Theater NO99 has the reputation of being an avant-garde playhouse that, like no other, is presently capable of making a political impact. Veiko Õunpuu’s tepid municipal theatre production of Bert Brecht’s Mother Courage does not fulfil the claim.More ...
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    Tallinn, 04.11.2016: A Global Revolution Starts with Onions

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    Tallinn, 31.10.2016: Faces of the Frontier

    In the north of Estonia, at the easternmost edge of the EU, the French conceptual artist Camille Laurelli and the German photographer Louisa-Marie Summer patrolled the border, each in very different ways. An exhibition in Tallinn’s photography museum presents both positions.More ...
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    Tallinn, 26.10.2016: Do Estonians Dream of Electric Sheep?

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