Aqsa Alaswat

Aqsa Alwasat

Aqsa Alwasat is an experimental music project formed in 2013 by the keyboard player and music producer Amr Ezz and singer / song writer Tuqa McAwi. Their music is based on a fusion of different backgrounds and different sounds. With the diversity of their taste of music, Amr and Tuqa decided not to be constrained by any genre and play music for the sake of passion. They release their singles on soundcloud to share them with people - because they do what they love. The reactions were more than expected, especially on their track “Enti” which was also the soundtrack of the short movie Daye by Peter Aziz starring Tuqa McAwi.

Location: Nagla Abed’s living-room

The private apartment is also used as pop-up space for cultural events (“Post-Alexandria”) with the vision to create more spaces for cultural exchange initiated by the people of the city. The building, constructed by Ferdinand J. Debbane, was inhabited in the past by Italians, Greeks and Syro-Lebanese and reflects the cosmopolitan Alexandria. It lies in one of the oldest residential quarters of the coastal city which is famous for its numerous antiquities shops and furniture makers.