Hamza Zaremdini

Hamza Zeramdini + Nesrine Jabeur

Hamza Zeramdini discovered jazz in the festival "Jazz Colors" .He is active on the Tunisian jazz scene playing with internationally renowned musicians. He played in several local and international festivals such as the Carthage festival, festival Musiquât Ennajma Ezzahra ,World Shakespeare Festival 2012 in England, East meets West in Germany. "Neeqat" is his first creation. It’s a project which contains both Arab- African songs rearrangements known as personal compositions focusing on contemporary aesthetics of neo- traditional character.


Location: Djebel Ressas

In Tunisia, the young musicians are performing in a kitchen located in the midst of an olive grove and surrounded by a  Mediterranean garden. Only 30 km away from Tunis, the location is bordered by rolling hills and lies at the foot of an impressive mountain, the Jebel Rassas. The place is famous for its high quality olive oil, a product that respects t nature and 0the cultural traditions of a proven craft with a dose of modern technology and new knowledge.
Djebel Ressas © Goethe-Institut