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Irina KudrjawtsewaCopyright: Irina Kudrjawtsewa
Copyright: Irina Kudrjawtsewa

27 October 2009
Thing from Another World

Off to new horizons: Many a piano student has let their imagination run free to the gentle strains of Robert Schumann’s musical rhapsodies of far-away places and people. When travelling, that which we think we know so well is put to question, reality becomes negotiable and dependent on the location. As part of the residence project “Art on Site” the imagination of Cologne-based concept artist Agnes Meyer-Brandis reached to cosmic spheres in the mining metropolis of Yekaterinburg. She made a replicated celestial body fall onto the earth in the Ural and called her installation IMPACT – Studies in Cause and Effects. As the meteorite seems to effortlessly drill itself into the soil, the newly won stimuli inscribe themselves in the oeuvre of the artist.

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