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Martin WäldeCopyright: Martin Wälde
Copyright: Martin Wälde

5 January 2010
Building Memory

The camera moves at walking pace around a monumental concrete shell. It is circular and contains the ashes of people murdered in the Majdanek concentration camp. The camera studies the structural and artistic composition of the mausoleum memorial, drilling ever deeper into the shell. Like the memorial itself, the video turns the insides out. Im Kreise drehen (Turning in Circles) is the name of a film by artist Marcel Odenbach produced last year for the international video art project Building Memory. Three other artists took part, as well, from Lithuania, Poland and Israel. They attempt to awaken associations, recognitions and emotions on the theme of remembrance and memory in architecture, to create new historical contexts and references and thereby to visualize history. At present the films are being shown at the Contemporary Art Center in Vilnius. From May they can be seen at the Dortmunder U.
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