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Copyright: Gianluca Scaglione
Copyright: Gianluca Scaglione

28 July 2012

Gibellina from the Ashes

It was buried under a major earthquake in 1968, and later under a white blanket of concrete. We are speaking of Gibellina, a town in western Sicily. After old Gibellina was buried, its inhabitants and artists created a new one. Today, it is known as one of the towns with the highest density of contemporary art in all of Italy. For that and other reasons, the Orestiadi, a renowned theatre, poetry, art and music festival, has been held here since 1981. This year the Goethe-Institut invited choreographer Malou Airaudo and the dancers Denis “Koonè” Kuhnert and Szu Wei-Wu to present the world premier there of their new dance play DU O.

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