Web projects of the Goethe-Institut worldwide – 2007

Ausgewanderte Wörter   deutsch

24 words of German origin which “emigrated” and found a home in other languages

Curators from Germany   deutschenglish

Biographical information, curatorial statements, links

Electronic Music from Germany   deutschenglish

Current trends and the most important developments over the past few years

Far Away So Close   deutschenglish

Explore German life and history in Australia and tell your own German-Australian story.

German Music Guide   deutschenglishportuguês

The annotated link list is to help you find your way through the diversity of the German music scene

germani@da.vicino   italiano

Things worth knowing about society, art and politics in Germany.

Journalism in Germany   deutschenglishрусскийعربي

The media world is undergoing changes which are also affecting journalism.

Literary spots   deutschslovensky

meeting place for translators and publishers in Slovakia

Migration and Integration   deutschenglish

Migration is changing cultures. The Goethe-Institut reflects these developments in Germany and around the world and dedicates its work to the linguistic integration of migrants.

per | voi   deutschitaliano

The Goethe-Institut-portal for German teachers

50 years of encounters   deutschespañol

Goethe-Institut Madrid | 1957-2007
We celebrate our 50th anniversary!


Web projects of the Goethe-Institut worldwide

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