Web projects of the Goethe-Institut worldwide – 2008

Looking back into the future   deutschsrpskiShqipRomani

“But inside it is still the same: Germany is my home country.” Young people in Serbia and Kosovo who grew up in Germany

Translation as a Process of Cultural Exchange – Hebrew   deutschעברית

German Books translated into Hebrew

Art on Site – Artists in residence   deutschenglishрусский

Seven German Artists in five Russian cities develop their site-specific art-projects.

Calendar of Events   deutsch

List of all events in Germany organised by the Goethe-Institut

Icons of a Border Installation: Photographic Search for Traces in Today's Berlin   deutschenglish

On the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, the Goethe-Institut will bring this photo exhibition to the USA in January 2009 for one year.

EUNIC España   deutschenglishespañolfrançaisitalianosuomeksiromânačesky

Network of European cultural institutes in Spain

Meet the Germans   deutschenglishnederlandsdansksuomeksinorsk

What is typical about them? Read portraits and interviews of people worth knowing and Rory MacLean’s blog from Berlin.

Dossier: Communication Design in Germany   deutschenglishespañolfrançaisitalianoPolskiрусскийportuguês

Rich Traditions, creativity and high turnover
Copyright: Goethe-Institut

The new German test   deutsch

is intended for immigrants, who desire to live in Germany for a substantial amount of time.

Weblog: Japanese guests in Germany   日本語

Scholarship holders from Japan who are guests at the Goethe-Institutes in Germany write what they experience in German everyday life

German Design trends   deutschenglishPolski

Articles on recent German trends in design, portraits, projects, links

Fashion Scene in Germany   deutschenglish

Articles on recent German fashion trends and topics, designer portraits, projects, links

MATABB – A Palestinian Soap Opera   english[arabic]

Ten episodes, also available online
 [Goethe-Institut Ramallah]

Translation as a Process of Cultural Exchange – Lithuanian   deutschlietuviškai

German Books translated into Lithuanian

German Books Translated into Brasil   deutschportuguês

Information on translated authors and books of contemporary German literature

DeutschExpress   deutschБеларуская

The DeutschExpress – a library on wheels – brings German culture and language to the people of Belarus

Weblog: Librarian in Residence   deutschenglish

Impressions, ideas and insights from the library scene in New York and beyond

Line E   deutsch

The interactive on-line quiz focussing on the European languages!

Bilingual Teaching in Poland   deutschPolski

Workbooks for the preparation of the bilingual matura exam in biology, chemistry, geography, history, mathematics and physics

Städte-Puzzle   deutsch中文(简体)

Online-Puzzle zu 10 deutschen Städten

Translation as a Process of Cultural Exchange   deutschPolski

German Books translated into Polish

Weblog: Überblog   deutschenglishfrançais

The blog of the Goethe-Institut Montréal

1968 worldwide   deutschenglish

“1968” symbolises protests which took place and influenced each other all round the globe.

Celebration of Burger Highlife   english

Ghanaian musicians living in Germany created a popular crossover music style from highlife songs, disco and funk.
 [Goethe-Institut Ghana]

Dossier: Media Art in Germany   deutschenglishespañollietuviškaiPolski

History, tendencies, names and institutions

Young German Fashion Photographers   deutschenglishPolski

Markus Ebner, Editor-in-Chief of the fashion magazine Achtung, presents ten young photographers.

Are foreign languages really foreign?   deutsch

European Day of Languages on 26 September 2008: public figures present their opinions in essays, audio contributions and pictures.

German Music Guide   deutschenglishportuguês

The annotated link list is to help you find your way through the diversity of the German music scene

Language tasters offer: German as a foreign language in the kindergarden   deutsch

Learning foreign languages as early as in the kindergarden? Yes, why not? A new book explains about the basics and the methods and provides training modules.

MARKT online   deutsch

German for the job – Extracts from the business press with online exercises
Copyright: www.colourbox.com

Popcast – Current Music from Germany   deutschenglish

The latest from German bands – monthly: listen in, subscribe!

“Schools: Partners for the Future”   deutsch

This initiative by the German Federal Foreign Office wants to arouse interest and enthusiasm for contemporary Germany among youths all over the world.

Words with a migration background   deutsch

We're looking for the best immigrated word.
International competition from November 1st to February 29th


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