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German Film @ Canada   english

Nachrichte, Einblicke und Interviews von dem German Film Festival
Foto: Martin Popelar

Dossier: Post-Industrial Cities and Culture in Germany and the Czech Republic   deutschčesky

For decades, heavy industry and mining have shaped countries and people. Today, former industrial cities are in search of new identities.

Classical Music from Germany   deutschenglish

Orchestras, concert halls and festivals: Germany’s classical music scene – background information and current trends

Dossier: Comics in Germany – Comics in the Czech Republic   deutschčesky

In the wake of the 1989 political turning point the comic scenes in both Germany and the Czech Republic are tanking up with new self-confidence.
Copyright: Colourbox.com

Dossier: Intellectual Property in the Czech Republic and in Germany   deutschčesky

We often unknowingly move in the grey zone of copyright law. What directions is copyright law taking in both countries?

The birth of a capital   deutschtürkçe

Traces of German speaking architects in Ankara

Weblog: Juli Zeh in Vietnam   deutschTiếng Việt

For three weeks the German author travels through Vietnam and writes about her impressions and encounters.

Weblog: Studio Visits   english

Visiting the young art scene: curatorial and artistic practices in Germany and Brazil

Übersetzen als Kulturaustausch   deutschčesky

Deutschsprachige Bücher in tschechischer Übersetzung

Rembering   deutschenglish

Explorations from South-Eastern Europe

Weblog: ready, steady – chicaGO!   deutsch

Young people from Germany report on and from the metropolis on Lake Michigan, as they discover what President Obama’s hometown has to offer.

Worth Seeing   deutschmagyar

New German films at the Sehenswert film festival

Cultures in Translation   deutschenglishnederlandsdansksuomeksiIcelandnorsksvenskaGaeilge

Portal for translated German literature, providing an overview of publications and news from the German publishing world.

Rayuela: Argentinean-German Writers-in-Residence Project   deutschespañol

Argentinean and native German speaking writers are getting a better insight into the society of their guestland.

Libraries With A Kick   deutschenglishfrançais

Please visit the African poster exhibition – online or in one of our Goethe-Institutes in sub-Saharan Africa

Dossier: Photography in Germany and Australia   deutschenglish

The anthology “Hijacked 2”, fashion pics by Olaf Martens and Artist in Residence projects: photography closer examined

Dossier: Installations in Germany   deutschenglish

Site-specific installations offer alternatives to the rampant mediatization of everyday life and heighten our awareness of the “here and now”.

Dossier: Latin America – 200 Years of Independence   deutschespañol

Nine countries contribute to the contemporary Bicentario discourse.

Why learn German?   deutschportuguês

If you want to be a real player in the 21st century, learning German will give you the edge.

Das Buch   deutschčesky

Literature from German speaking countries on the Prague book fair “Svět knihy”, May 16.–19., 2013

Story of a Friendship – My Favourite Book   deutsch

Out of more than 4.000 entries from 57 countries the jury has chosen three winners.

Va bene?!   deutschitaliano

La Germania in italiano. Italien auf Deutsch. A two-year initiative to break-down prejudices and stereotypes that shape collective opinions in both countries

Accessible exam training materials   deutsch

Online practice exam for those interested in a German exam for beginners to advanced (A1 – C2) – fully accessible and therefore especially suited for people with disabilities
Ringförmige Stadtgeometrie Moskaus © b1ur/Flickr

Dossier: Architecture and City Planning   deutschрусский

Concepts, strategies and examples for city planning in Germany and Russia
© Colourbox

Dossier: Migration and media in Germany and the Czech Republic   deutschčesky

How does the image look like that German and Czech media paint of the immigrants in their country?
© Goethe-Institut, Foto: Martin Nejezchleba

Dossier: Socialist Architecture   deutschčesky

Concrete building colonies, palaces of culture, wide boulevards: the future of relics of socialist architecture in Germany and the Czech Republic

Dossier: Vietnamese immigrants in Germany and the Czech Republic   deutschčesky

Especially the young demonstration goes to show that Vietnamese immigrants are more than the stereotypes of the majority.
Foto: Colourbox/Anja Brunsmann, aboutpixel

Dossier: Youth and Politics   deutschčesky

Polit-pop with Schwarzenberg and Guttenberg, Pirate Party, Twitter, Facebook and German Presidential Election 2.0: The political commitment of the youth has changed.


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