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Foto: Swamibu, Creative Commons: BY-NC 2.0

Architectural Walk   deutschčesky

Urban structures are subject to continuous change. Follow us on a walk through German and Czech cities and discover new and exciting architecture.
Panoramabar 'Berghain' © flickr.com

Club landscapes in Germany and the Czech Republic   deutschčesky

The home of the Electronic Music scene lies in Berlin. But what do people dance to in Germany? And what in the Czech Republic?
Das Goethe-Institut Prag auf Google Street View; © Google

Dossier: Internet and public space in Germany and the Czech Republic   deutschčesky

Germany’s public space follows its Czech counterpart and becomes virtually accessible, too.
Quelle: pl.fotolia.com

Dossier: Off Camera   deutschPolski

The German movie landscape in German-Polish context – all that happens outside the picture detail
© Colourbox.com

Dossier: The big crisis   deutschΕλληνικά

A detail of today’s reality in the middle of an European and Greek, a political, economic, cultural and social crisis.

Dossier: The “Új Színház” case in the media   deutschmagyar

The anti-Semite István Csurka in a leading function at the Budapest New Theatre? The echo in German and Hungarian media.
© Goethe-Institut

Dossier: Thinking and Remenbrance   deutschрусский

How does a society work through the dark moments of its history? And what happens in the brain during the process of remembrance?
© Colourbox

E-Books in Germany and the Czech Republic   deutschčesky

Electronic books spark more and more interest – but the new technology is still struggling with problems.
Karl-Marx-Haus in Brüssel © flickr historic.brussels

Dossier: Marx and capitalism   deutschfrançaisnederlands

More than a stop-over: Karl Marx wrote parts of his Communist Manifesto in the Belgian capital of Brussels. A search for evidence.

Goethe-Guerilla   deutschbosanskihrvatskiмакедонскиsrpskiShqip

Background Information, events, a weblog and much more
Heinrich von Kleist; © Wikipedia/Public Domain

Dossier: Romanticism then and now   deutschfrançaisnederlands

The 200th anniversary of Kleist’s death, Liszt’s 200th birthday and there is a new Dutch translation of Höderlin’s poems available – 2011, romanticism takes center stage in Belgium and Germany.
Foto: ME-Arbeitgeber, CC BY 2.0

Dossier: Professions in Russia and Germany   deutschрусский

What kind of new occupations does a globalized world produce? Will there be a renaissance of handcraft? A spotlight on new and established professions

omics in Kenya and Germany   deutschenglish

The world of colourful pictures – the dossier “Comics” presents artists from Kenya and Germany and their work.
© Goethe-Institut Singapore

German Film Festival Singapore   english

A special selection of the best German film productions and co-productions presented in recent years. (09.-20.11.2011)
Cembalo keyboard Harpsichord in the Flemish style Antwerpen 1618; Foto: Jorge Royan

Early Music from Germany   deutschenglish

Performance practice and research, ensembles, festivals and concert series
365.52 (First Tomato and OMG Cukes!), Foto: Kim Piper Werker (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Dossier: Food in Russia and Germany   deutschрусский

Food keeps body and soul together – that is true both in Russia and Germany. For Food is more than just ingestion.

Deutschwagen – Vieni con noi!   deutschitaliano

The new advertising campaign for German in Italian schools has been launched: trial lessons, workshops, concerts, online games, blogs and much more!

Weblog: Estudantes brasileiros na Alemanha   português

How do Goethe-Institut scholarship awardees from Brazil experience Germany? They report on their experiences and impressions in our blog

jádu   deutschčesky

German-Czech online-magazine for young adults.

16th Berlin & Beyond Film Festival   english

October 20–26, 2011, at the Castro Theatre, San Francisco. Encore Day: October 29, Camera 12 Cinemas, San Jose

Saksakino   deutsch

Recent feature and documentary films from Germany (Tallinn and Tartu 5.10.–16.10.2011)

Goethe.rmx   deutschenglishfrançaisΕλληνικάnederlandsPolskičeskymagyarрусскийportuguês

An electronic interpretation of Goethe’s King of Thule travels around the world to be remixed in nine countries on four continents.
Übersetzen als Kulturaustausch; © Géza Hernád / Goethe-Institut Budapest

Cultures in Translation   deutschmagyar

German Books translated into Hungarian

Vote Festa   deutschportuguês

São Paulo, Porto Alegre and Curitiba – pick one of five German DJs for your city! Vote now!

Migration: Greeks in Germany   deutschΕλληνικά

What is it like to leave one’s own country for a life abroad? The great migration wave of the 1960’s in articles and photos.
© Christian Oettinger

Der Sportreporter-Check   deutsch

Bist du fit als Sportreporterin oder Sportreporter? Teste Dich!

Dossier: The Environment in Daily Life in Germany and Russia   deutschрусский

The number of initiatives for environmental protection is increasing, and it is clear: anyone can become an environmental activist!

60 years Goethe-Institut   deutschenglish

The Goethe-Institut’s 60th anniversary website offers a broad and, in many cases, very tangible impression of the past six decades of its work.
Revolver; Copyright: colourbox.com

Dossier: Poison or a bullet? Crime novels in Germany and Hungary   deutschmagyar

Crime novels are highly popular in the German-language cultural area. In Hungary, the genre is just beginning to take off.
© Goethe-Institut

Values, Dreams, Ideals – Muslim Youth in Southeast Asia   deutschenglishBahasa Indonesia

How do Indonesia’s and Malaysia’s young muslims feel? A survey

Weblog: The City of Tomorrow   deutschenglish中文(简体)中文(繁體)日本語한국어

Comic artists from Germany and East Asia are telling stories from a sustainable future and from our still not quite so ecological present.
Copyright: Polly Yassin

Weblog: Kirunatopia   english

Artists of the residency project Kirunatopia will blog about their research in the northernmost city in Sweden, Kiruna: a city in extreme flux.
Überregionale Tageszeitungen © Géza Hernád

Dossier Journalism: Media Landscape and Media Professionals in Germany and Hungary   deutschmagyar

What drives the media world and in what parameters do media professionals work?
Copyright: Colourbox.com

Dossier: Migration and Integration in Germany and Latvia   deutschLatviski

Starting May 2011, the German labour market has been opened to Latvian citizens, as well – an occasion for exchanging experiences.

The Germany List   deutschenglishespañolfrançaisitalianoΕλληνικάtürkçenederlandssuomeksieestiLatviskilietuviškaiPolskičeskymagyarslovenskySlovenščinaБеларускаяportuguêsCatalan

What does Europe think about Germany? Answers from 18 countries.

German Film Festival   deutschlietuviškai

Recent films from Germany, Austria and Switzerland (26.02.-26.03.2013)

Weblog: German literature in Southamerica   deutsch

The library of the Goethe-Institut in Caracas and Santiago de Chile blogs about German literature. Join the discussion about the books we present!
Copyright: Braun GmbH

Dossier: Design Scene Germany – Design Scene Czech Republic   deutschčesky

Design is art that makes itself useful. Is there any such thing as Czech or German design?
Klub Fleda © Fleda

Dossier: Electronic Music in Germany and the Czech Republic   deutschčesky

Current trends and the most important developments over the past few years

Win With German!   deutschportuguês

Your video: a direct hit! A video contest and interesting facts about women's soccer and the World Cup in Germany for young people in Brazil

The Celluloid Curtain   deutschenglish

A unique series of feature films made at the height of the Cold War on both sides of the Iron Curtain

Weblog: Majstersztyk   deutsch

Web contents for German language instruction: online materials, YouTube films, language learning games, Web 2.0 tools and much more!

A Case for Literature   deutschLatviskilietuviškaiPolskičeskymagyarslovensky

How has crime fiction developed in recent decades? Which authors have influenced it? An insight into the current German crime novel scene.
© colourbox.com

11 Questions on Multilingualism   deutschlietuviškai

Successful Lithuanians and Germans tell about learning languages, language in daily life and multilingualism in Lithuania and Germany.

Climb the German league table   deutsch

From the preliminary rounds to the World Cup – a football quiz for learners of German
Münzstraße: Tanja; Stil in Berlin

Dossier: Fashion Blogs in Germany and the Czech Republic   deutschčesky

Both here and in the Czech Republic, young photographers comb the streets of their cities on the look-out for style-conscious people. Do fashion blogs also reveal cultural differences?


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