Web projects of the Goethe-Institut worldwide – 2012

Dossier: Film in Germany and Belgium   deutschnederlandsfrancais

Interviews with filmmakers, movies and film festival starts on both sides of the German-Belgian border

Dossier: Crossing Bridges   deutsch

A discussion series in preparation for the 50th anniversary of the opening of diplomatic relations between Israel and Germany in 2015

Dossier: Alien Life Forms   deutschΕλληνικά

Young people take a look at the current relationship between Germany and Greece – with camera in hand.

Dossier: Book. Form. Content.   deutschрусский

The book market is undergoing rapid change – in Germany and in Russia. At the same time, as far as content is concerned, it seems as if everything has already been said. But is this really the case?

Weblog: Culture Salon   deutsch

German and Colombian artists journey to their partner countries – and share their experiences in this blog.
Színház- és Filmművészeti Egyetem © Sióréti Gábor

Dossier: Film Industry in Germany and Hungary   deutschmagyar

Film financing, training and current trends in contemporary Hungarian and German film.

Delhi Sketchbook   deutschenglish

The comic artist Barbara Yelin drew a diary during her stay at the Indo-German Urban Mela in New Delhi.
Aktion des Projekts “Zwanzig-Forint-Operette”/ A „Húszforintos opera“ projekt akciója. Copyright: Fekete Hajnal

Dossier: Civil Society   deutschmagyar

What characterises German civil society with its long-standing traditions and the strong re-emergence of Hungarian civil society? An overview.

Wanderwörter. Das Spiel   deutsch

Gehen auch Sie auf eine Entdeckungsreise – und lernen Sie dabei spielerisch das Deutsche und noch viele weitere Sprachen näher kennen.

Urban Legends   deutschenglish

Hitchhikers, marble brides and much more: Modern fairy tales from all around the world

Weblog: “The Collective Eye”   deutschenglishespañolfrançais

A dialogue between artists’ collectives from Germany and Uruguay

Music Around Africa   deutschenglishfrançais

Music Around Africa gives a rough overview of the diverse and dynamic music scenes south of the Sahara.

Kurz & Gut macht Schule – Animation   deutschenglishespañolfrançais

German short and animated films with teaching material – a great addition for German classes

50 Years Goethe-Institut Tokyo   deutsch日本語

Five decades of cultural work – the Goethe-Institut Tokyo celebrates its 50th birthday

60 Years Goethe-Institut Athens   deutschΕλληνικά

Six decades of cultural work – the Goethe-Institut Santiago celebrates its 60th birthday

60 Years Goethe-Institut Santiago   deutschespañol

Six decades of cultural work – the Goethe-Institut Santiago celebrates its 60th birthday. A series of pictures and interviews provides insight into a pillar of German-Chilean dialogue.

40 years Goethe-Institut Curitiba   deutschportuguês

40 years of successful cultural work: The Goethe-Institut Curitiba celebrates its birthday – amongst others with comic illustrator José Aguiar, who captured scenes from the institute in 40 short comics.
Copyright: Colourbox.com

Translation as a Process of Cultural Exchange – Estonian   deutscheesti

German Books translated into Estonian
Copyright: Colourbox.com

Translation as a Process of Cultural Exchange – Slovenian   deutschSlovenščina

German Books translated into Slovenian

Online-Filmseminar   português

„Kultur und Konflikt“ im Spiegel deutscher und brasilianischer Kinoproduktionen
Copyright: Colourbox.com

Dossier: Film in Germany and Latvia   deutschLatviski

How is the film industry doing in Germany and Latvia? Feature films, documentaries, animated films – which genre is top runner?

Classes bilangues   deutschenglishfrançais

Online-Platform for teachers of German-English “classes bilangues” in France: Teaching materials and ideas for inter-lingual arts and language projects in class.

Weblog: Osmose   deutschportuguês

Comic exchange: three Brazilian comic artists travel to Germany, while three German artists explore Brazil.

Children's and Youth Film Prize   deutschenglish

The Goethe-Institut Children’s and Youth Film Prize will be awarded 2012 for the first time at the International Film Festival “Schlingel” in Chemnitz.

Glacier Music   deutschрусский

What do melting glaciers sound like? An art project and an open competition for multimedia artists from Central Asia on the problem of advancing glacial melting.
Copyright: Colourbox.com

We and Europe   deutschmagyar

The debate with and concerning EU-Europe is becoming more emotional. With the project “We and Europe”, we are inviting authors to an exchange of ideas on the significance of Europe.

DaF-Bibliografie (KomBiOn)   deutsch

Die kommentierte Bibliografie Online (KomBiOn) dient Ihnen dazu Fachliteratur zu Deutsch als Fremd- und Zweitsprache und Lern- und Prüfungsmaterialien ausfindig zu machen.

Going Public – On the Possibility of a Public Statement   deutschenglishlietuviškaiрусский

Public art in Lithuania, Belarus, Kaliningrad and Germany

Cultural Innovators Network   deutschenglish

Visions and actions of tomorrow’s societies

Deutsch Lehren Lernen   deutsch

Discover the new advanced training programs for teachers

DocNet Southeast Asia   english

Training, supporting, and connecting regionally and internationally documentary film makers from Southeast Asia

ChopShots Documentary Film Festival Southeast Asia   english

The newest films by upcoming film makers from the region will be shown at the ChopShots Documentary Film Festival Southeast Asia.
Logo documenta 13 © documenta 13

Dossier: Documenta (13)   deutschPolski

Locations, activities and important artists of the Documenta (13) in preview – from German and Polish perspectives.
7. Berlin Biennale, logo

Dossier: Berlin Biennale   deutschPolski

Not only because of curator Żmijewski is Poland’s art scene the special focus of the Biennale 2012.

Comic-Transfer   deutschespañolfrançaisitalianonederlandsportuguês

Comic-Autoren aus Europa und der arabischen Welt im Dialog

Europe (to the power of) n   english

Thirty scenarios, and thus thirty different ways of thinking about Europe, form the point of departure for the trans-regional art project Europe (to the power of) n.

Dossier: Cultural Journalism   deutschportuguês

In São Paulo intellectuals, artists and journalists met for the cultural journalism conference “Cult”. Goethe.de/Brasilien introduces some of the protagonists.

Dossier: Quality of Life in Urban Space   deutschportuguês

Urban planning that takes the environment into consideration and city residents’ respectful treatment of their own living space – visions and examples from Germany and Brazil.

Password: Green – Latin American Eco-Stories   deutschespañol

Quality television for children: in 13 mini-documentary films children between 8 and 12 years of age present their own environmental initiatives.

Weblog: city of literature - Reykjavik   deutsch

Spending six weeks in Reykjavik, writing and researching in the Icelandic “Unesco City of Literature” – the Goethe Institut provides this opportunity to selected German authors.

Contemporary German Theatre in Lithuania   deutschlietuviškai

Curtain up! A look at Lithuanian theatres that are staging contemporary German plays

Fairy Tales   deutsch

A treasure chest with Learning German material: from the Brothers Grimm to international myths, a quiz, games and an exhibition

Blog: Germany – A Journey in 20 Days   español

In May 2012 twelve journalists from Spanish speaking countries in Latin America met in Berlin. This blog is their diary.

Weblog: CityTales   deutschenglish

Comic artists from South-East Asia and Germany tell their “CityTales” – a new story every month.

Dossier: Popular Science in Germany and Russia   deutschрусский

In museums, as information graphics or tv reports: how does the popularisation of science affect our education, perception and language?

50 Years Goethe-Institut London   deutschenglish

This year the Goethe-Institut in London celebrates both its 50th anniversary and the re-opening of its newly restored building.

Dossier: Electronic Music in Germany and Russia   deutschрусский

Current trends, the most important developments in electronic music, and the world wide Goethe.rmx project
Fotoinstallation, Nihad Nino Pušija, Roma Pavillion, Biennale Venedig 2007 | Foto: © Binder & Haupt

Dossier: Roma and the arts   deutschčesky

The Roma are the most openly discriminated minority in Europe. They process their experiences in a variety of manners through their art – in Germany and in the Czech Republic.

mehrsprachICH   deutschenglishespañolfrançais

You voted: This is our multilingual ambassador!
Foto: Milorad Krstič; © Goethe-Institut Budapest

Dossier: Berlin – Budapest   deutschmagyar

Hungarians and Germans illustrate both the history and present of the two capital cities. Looking for tips for alternative city tours, hot spots or nightlife? You’ll find them here!

Weblog: rosinenpicker@goethe.de   deutsch

News from the German book and media market: books, audio books and CDs from the world of fiction, nonfiction and music
Jürgen Nefzger: Nogent-sur-Seine, France, 2003; © Jürgen Nefzger

Dossier: Nuclear Power and Culture   deutschčesky

Nuclear power – love it or hate it? Why do opinions on nuclear energy diverge so much in the Czech Republic and Germany? And how do artists address the issue?

Translation as a Process of Cultural Exchange - Latvia   deutschLatviski

German Books translated into Latvian

Weblog: Villa Kamogawa   deutsch

Every year 12 artists from Germany live and work at Villa Kamogawa in Kyoto. The voices from the kamo or ducks’ river tell stories of encounters between Germany and Japan.
© Architektenbüro ARHIS

Dossier: Urban Development in Germany and Latvia   deutschLatviski

Environmental, social and economic developments present urban planning with major challenges internationally.

5:0 for German   deutschčesky

A contest for children aged 10–11 with an interest in football, Germany and the National League

Weblog: RiverScapes – In Flux   english

An eco-cultural art project about the major river landscapes in Southeast Asia. 17 artists are presenting their works and writing about the backgrounds.
GerMan © Goethe-Institut

GERMAN   deutschenglishespañolfrançaisрусскийБеларускаяportuguês

Help GERMAN in its mission to save the German language: become a film star in the new trailer “GERMAN – One word is not enough!”
Photo: Henry Mex

Blog: On the road with Inka Parei   deutschenglish

The German novelist Inka Parei was criss-crossing Aotearoa, travelling in a camper van. You can follow her travels in this blog.
Concert Crowd; Foto: Freder

Pop from Germany   deutschenglish

German pop music is booming: the latest trends in the pop/rock, hip-hop/soul and global pop/reggae genres, plus further links
CC by sa Wimox Maarmeester Iago

Dossier: Gender in Russia and Germany   deutschрусский

Do gender roles differ in Russia and Germany? On gender in everyday life, in education and in working life as well as in arts.

Weblog: Germania Transfer   deutschromâna

Emigrating to Germany – the dream of many highly educated Romanians. But what is waiting for them? Will their dreams come true? Join young Romanians on their way to Germany.

Dossier: Popular Picture Book   deutschfrançaisnederlands

Picture books are gaining steadily in popularity among both old and young – we present illustrators on both sides of the German-Belgian border.

Dossier: Migration and interculturality in Greece and Germany   deutschΕλληνικά

Of troubles and potential: Migration opens doors, also to interculturality.
Vorsicht! Bücher! / Vigyázat! Könyvek!; copyright: Goethe-Institut Budapest

Caution! Books!   deutschmagyar

From our library collections on current developments in politics and society
Deutsche Literatur, übersetzt © Géza Hernád / Goethe-Institut Budapest

Dossier: Connecting Worlds   deutschmagyar

Literary translation is a culture-creating activity. But what funding options exist for literary translators? A German-Hungarian survey.

Dossier: Dancers and choreographers   deutschportuguês

Choreographers and performers from Germany in Brazil. Brazilian choreographers on working on two continents

Museum Education   deutschespañol

What is going on in museum education in South America? A platform for information and exchange with the goal of creating networks.
50 Jahre Goethe-Institut Kanada © Goethe-Institut

50 Years Goethe-Institut in Canada   deutschenglishfrançais

Highlights of German-Canadian cultural exchange, images, stories, opinions. Special events in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa. Celebrate with us the 50th anniversary of the Goethe-Institut Kanada!


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