Web projects of the Goethe-Institut worldwide – 2013

A Radio Bridge from the Cultural Metropolis   deutschenglishportuguês

Live broadcasts from the Goethe-Institut São Paulo offer lively impressions of the South American mega-city and encounters between German and Brazilian (everyday) culture.
Illustration: Liena Kipēna | © Goethe-Institut

Dossier: Digital Reading   deutschLatviskilietuviškai

The end of printed books is being predicted consistently. How do readers in Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia receive the new possibilities?
© Goethe-Institut Korea

Dossier: 50 year anniversary of guest worker treaty   deutsch한국어

How Korean miners and nurses experienced Germany and why it is that their children have a “dual heartbeat”

Dossier: Religion and Faith   deutschlietuviškai

Changing values, multiculturalism and an interconnected world: how do believers in Germany and Lithuania face up to the changes?
Foto: Goethe-Institut/Wera Laponkina

Dossier: Contemporary Dance   deutschрусский

How choreographers in Germany and Russia shape dance trends
© Goethe-Institut

Video series “Germany: The Opportunity”   deutschenglish

Migration makes us more diverse: lively insight into the world of European immigrants before their arrival in Germany.

50 years Goethe-Institut São Paulo   deutschportuguês

50 years of successful cultural work: The Goethe-Institut São Paulo celebrates its birthday!
Freedom Bus © dropoutcinema

Dossier: Documentary Film   deutschعربي[arabic]

Images of change and of standstill: Germany, Egypt and Tunisia viewed through the camera lens

Workshop "Europe" in Schwäbisch Hall   deutsch

Young scientists from 16 European countries discussed the economic development of Europe with leaders from business and politics.

Weblog: Pindorama   deutschportuguês

Players of the Brazilian and German national authors' teams write about football matches and joint readings.

Baltic-Cooperation   deutschenglish

CLIL-Portal for school students around the Baltic Sea, with teaching materials, contests and multimedia actions. Networking in 7 countries.

The young Goethe   deutschitaliano

An Audio Play and Comics on the Life of the Young Goethe: With Teaching Materials, Seminars, Puzzles and a Creative Contest

Schriftzüge. Übersetzer in Bewegung   deutsch

Website for literary translators from countries in East Europe and Central Asia

40 years Goethe-Institut Croatia   deutschhrvatski

40 years of successful cultural work: The Goethe-Institut Croatia celebrates its birthday!

Arrived?   deutschenglish

A French cook who serves bouillabaisse in Antwerp, a Greek computer scientist enjoying party life in Berlin – European expats talk about living abroad in Europe.
© Goethe-Institut Sudan, River Tales

River Tales   deutschenglishعربي

Photographic Narratives Along the Nile

Weblog: Town Chroniclers   deutschportuguês

The “Town Chroniclers” are six German authors doing research in Brazil and, via this blog, giving literary form to their experiences in their new surroundings.

Weltstadt – who creates the city?   english

Connecting Goethe-Institut initiatives around the world: Weltstadt’s theme is urban development, the players are the residents themselves – they design their city.
Unsere Straße – Copyright Goethe-Institut

Our Street – German in everyday situations   deutsch

Discover who is living or working here and practise your German.
Bild: Javier Olivares.  Titelseite von: Panorama – La novela gráfica española hoy.  Astiberri Ediciones, Bilbao 2013.

Comics in Germany and Spain   deutschespañol

Contemporary comics are received by a growing audience. Goethe.de/Spanien informs about current trends in both countries.

Multiplikatoren Netzwerk Kanada   deutschenglishfrançais

The Multiplikatoren Netzwerk Kanada assists German-language teachers of all levels and educational institutions through the exchange of teaching materials and workshops.

Ticket nach Berlin   deutsch

Six candidates, two teams, one goal: Berlin. On their journey through Germany six young learners of German face thrilling challenges.
Copyright: Goethe-Institut

Selected   deutschenglish

You’re at a loss of what to read next? Which movie to watch? What CD to listen to on the next roadtrip? Maybe we can recommend something?
Foto: Ufuk Arslan

“Typically German”   deutsch

Take part now and win!
Die Schönheit des Anderen – Judentum und Islam | CC by 2.0 Fountain

The Beauty of other religions – Judaism and Islam   deutschעבריתعربي

An Egypt talks about the beauty of jewish religion, an Israeli about his admiration towards Islam.
Foto: Mona Mahall und Asli Serbest

Three questions for…   deutschespañol

Artists that have recently stayed in Spain answer three questions about themselves and their work.
Ausstellung der Klasse Gursky in Düsseldorf © Klasse Gursky

Mit offenen Augen: Junge Talente im Fokus   deutsch日本語

Zur ersten Retrospektive des Fotografen Andreas Gursky in Japan zeigt das Goethe-Institut in einer Online-Ausstellung die Werke seiner Studenten.

German Cinema   deutschenglishBahasa Indonesia

In acht Städten in Indonesien wird das German Cinema Filmfestival ausgetragen. Die Webseite informiert über das Programm und die Filmemacher.

Dossier: Autoren unterwegs   deutschfrançais

In der Reihe „Autoren unterwegs“ stellen deutsche und französische Autoren Orte des jeweils anderen Landes vor, die für ihre schriftstellerische Arbeit wichtig sind.
“Der Schieber” by Cay Rademacher

Book Trailers 2013   deutschenglish

Design students create video trailers for German books to gain popularity in the USA.

Ich liebe tyska   svenska

Discover Germany! From hip Berlin to laid-back Bavaria – “I love tyska” offers many good reasons for learning German.
© Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth   deutschenglishfrançais

Explore the various aspects of orality: orally transferred knowledge, Oral History, storytelling, oral literatures, Spoken Word.
Kulturelle Bildung in Deutschland und Litauen | colourbox.com

Cultural Education in Germany and Lithuania   deutschlietuviškai

On the meaning/significance of cultural education as well as projects and programmes specifically tailored to the needs of young target groups

50 Years Goethe-Institut Kyoto   deutsch日本語

Five decades of cultural work – the Goethe-Institut Kyoto celebrates its 50th birthday
Künstlerische Auseinander- setzung mit der Kurischen Nehrung | © Goethe-Institut/Christian Ettl

Dossier: Artistic Takes on the Curonian Spit   deutschlietuviškai

A look at artistic activities focusing on Neringa’s sand dunes

Germany for Beginners   deutschportuguês

From A as in “Arbeit”, F as in “Fußball” to Z as in “Zukunft” – Answers to Questions about the History, Culture and Politics of the Federal Republic
Isarinsel/Muffathalle | Foto: Angela Gruber

Dossier: Art in urban spaces   deutschčesky

What started with anonymous sprayers has become renowned street art. Learn more about art in urban spaces in Germany and the Czech Republic.
Foto: Søren kierkegaard, drawn by Niels Christian Kierkegaard

Dossier: Kierkegaard 2013   deutschdansk

With “Kierkegaard 2013”, the world celebrates the 200th birthday of Søren Kierkegaard. The Danish philosopher’s life and work play a big role in Germany, too.

Urban Incubator: Belgrade   deutschenglishsrpski

Unique project supporting the re-vitalization of the now neglected Belgrade city-quarter of Savamala
Foto: kallejipp; Quelle: Photocase

Reclaiming Public Space   deutschenglish

How physical or digital is the public domain? A conference on the role of culture between public and digital spheres on 22. and 23. April in Berlin.
Foto: Géza Hernád © Goethe-Institut Budapest

Dossier: Kleist   deutschenglish

Heinrich von Kleist is a well-regarded writer in Hungary.

Weblog: Once upon a time   english

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Brothers Grimm’s book of fairy tales New Zealanders retell well known fairy tales.

Weblog: Mein Wagner – My Personal Wagner   deutschenglish

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of the composer Richard Wagner, our blog will present a variety of perspectives on Wagner’s cosmos.

Dossier: Migration and integration   deutsch한국어

Korea is becoming increasingly multi-cultural and multi-ethnic. At the same time, migration also played a distinct role in German-Korean history.

Dossier: Border crossers   deutsch日本語

German and Japanese artists discover similarities and differences between the two countries – and work with them.
David Stecher © Pavel Winkler

10 questions for ... Germans and Czechs engaged in culture   deutschčesky

Musician, caricaturist or writer – German and Czech artists and intellectuals share their point of view on both countries.

Dossier: Money and the Greeks   deutschΕλληνικά

German media artist and filmmaker Florian Thalhofer has been looking and listening in Greece: the latest multi-media Korsakow Project.

Dossier: Europe today   deutschfrançais

Take a look with us in particular at France and Germany and at all Europeans – Nowadays they are closer to each other than ever.

The Countries, one language: Germany, Austria, Switzerland   deutschromâna

Information on the book fair "Bookfest 2013“ in Bucharest

Dossier: 200 Years Wagner   deutschnederlandsfrancais

Who was the great German composer? Why is he so controversial? And where is the anniversary being celebrated? Our dossier compiles articles and videos from Belgium and Germany.

Weblog: Marseille 2013   deutschfrançais

Marseille is European Capital of Culture 2013. The Marseille Blog accompanies this adventure and regularly informs about the activities of the Goethe-Institut in and around Marseille.

Dossier: Art and Participation   deutschfrançais

Join in! Art is the seismograph for social developments – in Germany as well as in France.

German Books Translated into Brasil   deutschportuguês

Information on translated authors and books of contemporary German literature

Dossier: Lifestyles in Germany and Poland   deutschPolski

Statistics alone are not enough. Therefore, we went into it and report every month, how life is like in Poland and in Germany.

Language and Identity: A Window on the Grandchildren’s Generation   deutschčesky

Four film portraits show the role of the German language in the lifes of young members of German-language minorities in the Czech Republic.

Translation as a Process of Cultural Exchange – Hebrew   deutschעברית

German Books translated into Hebrew

Dossier: Media Art in Germany and Denmark   deutschdansk

Not least, the video art festival “Fokus” takes a look on media art in Denmark – Portraits of German and Danish media artists

Dossier: Cultural Diversity   deutschlietuviškai

How do diverse visions of life affect us in daily life? What can we learn from them and to what extent are they influencing German and Lithuanian society?

Mein Weg nach Deutschland   deutschenglish

A website for learners of German with games, videos and useful information about life in Germany

Traces of German Culture in Bratislava   deutschslovensky

A multi-media travel guide that uncovers the sediments of German culture in Bratislava’s urban environment, revealing the city’s multi-culturalism.

Alemanha aqui   deutschportuguês

A journey of discovery with the Goethe-Institut Brazil’s German Traces app: read and listen to descriptions of places and personalities with connections to Germany.
© Goethe-Institut Israel

Spurensuche Israel   deutschעברית

Multimedialer Reiseführer zu Spuren deutscher Geschichte und deutsch-israelischer Zusammenarbeit in Israel – mit Wettbewerb: Senden Sie uns Ihren „deutsch-israelischen Ort“!

Dossier: Electronic Music in Germany and Belgium   deutschnederlandsfrancais

Portraits of DJs and electronic interpretations to give a quick listen. Including: DJ Elephant Power from Brussels
Foto: Sabine Küchler

Dossier: Sound Art in the North   deutschenglish

Inuit chants and sound as medium of art: In Denmark and Germany tradition meets the modern.

Dossier: Generations   deutschnederlandsfrancais

No matter what branch we look upon, we encounter generations of filmmakers, writers, politicians … Germany and Belgium in focus
© Mit Deutsch in den Beruf – Unternehmen Deutsch (Bayer Pharma)

Dossier: Mobility   deutschenglishnederlandsfrancais

Moving to a new country for work: How do young people find their way? A look at the new mobility in Europe.


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