German Libraries: A Portrait - Library Types

Institute for Newspaper Research; © IfZ

Rescue from the Fate of the Throwaway: The Institute for Newspaper Research

The Institute for Newspaper Research (Institut für Zeitungsforschung / IfZ) in Dortmund collects historical and contemporary newspapers and magazines from German-speaking countries.More ...
Marbach Literature Archive; © Literaturarchiv Marbach

Morgenstern’s Axe and Brecht’s Love Letters: Literature Archives in Germany

German literature archives preserve the manuscripts of leading authors, as well as diaries, fan mail, publishing contracts, souvenirs and film documents.More ...
Taking out a book from the “Open Bookshelf”; Copyright: Südpol-Redaktionsbüro Köster & Vierecke /S.Tenta

Random Libraries – “Open Bookshelves”

“Open Bookshelves” is what they call those small libraries that are to be found out on the streets in German towns. Anybody can come along and either donate or borrow a book. They are open day and night and they have an ever-changing selection of books.More ...
In the children´s library; Copyright: picture-alliance / ZB

Libraries for Children and Young People – Working Towards Improving Equal Opportunities

Children and young people have their own, quite distinct set of needs when it comes to libraries. Ute Hachmann (Brilon Municipal Library) and Susanne Brandt (Westoverledingen Community Library), who are both members of the DBV (German Library Association) group of experts on libraries for children and young people, explain what these needs are.More ...
Hartmut Weber Cop: Bundesarchiv

Archives competing on quality of services

In the digital world archives are taking the opportunity to make their treasures accessible worldwide over the Internet. We spoke to Professor Hartmut Weber, President of the Federal Archive, about the new challenges.More ...
Copyright: picture-alliance / Godong

Starting Points for Children Learning to Read – Small-scale Libraries in Germany

Even if they could be greatly improved from a professional point of view, libraries in small communities nevertheless have one invaluable advantage – they are situated centrally and can thus be easily reached by their users.More ...

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