Science and Education in Germany – Background

A trainee of an auto repair shop screwing a new bumper on a car. | Photo: © dpa

Dual Is Better – Vocational Training in Germany

There are 344 recognized skilled occupations in Germany. The register ranges from alteration tailor to bicycle mechanic.More ...
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More Competition and Profiling – The German Research World

The Excellence Initiative for cutting-edge research at universities has brought a new dynamic into the German research world.More ...
Students; © Johann Saba/Universität Bonn

German Universities. An Overview

Around two million students are enrolled at some 350 universities in Germany. In the European Higher Education Area, the range of teaching and research programmes on offer is becoming more international all the time.More ...
Friedrich-Schiller Universität

Research and Technology in Germany

At the beginning of 2003, the world-famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology nominated Rolf Isermann of Darmstadt Technical University as one of the world’s "top ten" whose research work on new technologies will have a lasting impact on everyone’s living and working environments.More ...

German Think Tanks

Deutschland denkt
There are many German researchers, but how do I find the scholarly experts I need for my current project?

German as a Research Language

A conference and creative contest seek to discover what role German plays in science and research.


News from Germany’s culture and society