Institute for Social Research and Social Policy (Institut für Sozialforschung und Gesellschaftspolitik e.V., Otto-Blume-Institut, ISG)

Institution Institute for Social Research and Social Policy, Otto-Blume-Institut, ISG
Location Cologne
Themes labour market economy, the European Union, social policy
Orientation economic and social science research, scientific consultation
Founded 1952 (as a non-profit public service organisation, since 2001 as a limited company)

Copyright: Goethe-Institut The ISG is a research and consultative institute that was renamed the Otto Blume Institut following the death of its founder, Otto Blume. The ISG's areas of concentration are policy consultation, evaluation of economic, labour market, health and social policy themes. Clients of the institute particularly include federal and state ministries as well as the European Commission.

The ISG's project themes range from investigations of research on living conditions, national and regional reporting on poverty, studies on employment promotion, to studies on the labour market and social policy on international levels. The ISG plays a leading role in European labour and social policy through the above-mentioned areas of concentration, and takes positions on current developments.
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