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Institute for Queer Theory (Institut für Queer Theory)

Copyright: Institut für Queer Theory
Institution Institut for Queer Theory
Location Berlin, Hamburg
Themes gender and sexuality as formative categories of subjectivity, identity construction, policies on sexuality, research-based and artistic-cultural representations and forms of representation of gender and sexuality
Orientation transdisciplinary, international research on gender and sexuality
Founded 2006

© Queer Theory The Institute for Queer Theory is a centre for research, theory construction and international exchange. It is dedicated to research on gender and sexuality and its communication to the public and in practice. Its goal is to critically investigate hetero-normative gender relations and to strengthen non-hierarchical forms of social difference.

The Institute for Queer Theory organises scientific and scholarly conferences, seminars, workshops and exhibitions, and also initiates interdisciplinary, cooperative research projects. The institute cooperates with artistic and cultural projects as well as with political initiatives and movements aimed at changing hetero-normative social relations.
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