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Institute for Ecological Economy Research (Institut für ökologische Wirtschaftsforschung, IÖW)

Institution Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW)
Location Berlin, an office in Heidelberg
Themes Sustainable business management, climate-protective energy systems, new technologies, products and consumption, environmental policy and governance, water and land management, evaluation and assessment
Orientation Application-oriented, interdisciplinary, international
Founded 1985

The IÖW is an independent, non-profit public-service research institute that deals with issues relating to the future. It was founded to point out ways leading out of the industrial growth dilemma. Since then, the IÖW has dealt with issues related to practice-oriented sustainability research in over 400 research and consultation projects covering areas such as sustainable business management, new technologies, and climate and energy. Researchers from a wide and diverse spectrum of disciplines, such as economists and engineers, sociologists and psychologists, work together in teams.

The IÖW's sponsors and clients come from public institutions, the business community, associations and private foundations. In addition, the IÖW cooperates with international partners and clients such as the European Union, and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
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