Centre for Mediterranean Studies (Zentrum für Mittelmeerstudien)

Copyright: ZMS
Institution Centre for Mediterranean Studies at Ruhr University Bochum
Location Bochum
Topics Migration, environment, politics, religion, archaeology, history and culture of the Mediterranean region, international and national Mediterranean research
Orientation Interdisciplinary, international orientation of research
Establishment 2010

Copyright: ZMSThe Centre for Mediterranean Studies is the first scientific institution in Germany dedicated to doing cross-epochal humanistic and social-scientific research on this complex contact zone between Africa, Asia and Europe. The research work of the employees and members of the Centre focuses on approaches from the perspective of the humanities, cultural science and social science, which are supplemented by perspectives from geography, natural science and political science.
The research centre takes an innovative, comprehensive look at the Mediterranean and the dynamics of the region; it not only contributes to establishing Mediterranean Studies in Germany but also to advancing Area Studies in general.
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