Institute for Cultural Management, Ludwigsburg (Institut für Kulturmanagement Ludwigsburg, IKM)

Copyright: Institut für Kulturmanagement Ludwigsburg
Institution Institute for Cultural Management Ludwigsburg
Location Ludwigsburg
Themes cultural finance, culture marketing and cultural policy
Orientation profession-related cultural and social science research
Founded 1990

© Institut für Kulturmanagement Ludwigsburg The Institute for Cultural Management at the Ludwigsburg University of Education teaches management techniques as well as cultural and social science methods, and data competence (empirical research), as well as promoting sensitisation to social and artistic processes and developments. The Institute offers three courses of study.

The Ludwigsburg Institute for Cultural Management is particularly active in profession-related research. Students and doctoral candidates investigate problems specifically relating to cultural management, which often flow directly into cultural production management. Cultural finance, culture marketing and cultural policy are the main areas of the institute's profile.
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