Centre for Cultural Research (Zentrum für Kulturforschung, ZfKf)

Copyright: ZfKf
Institution Centre for Cultural Research
Location Sankt Augustin (near Bonn), Vienna
Themes cultural policy, cultural education, culture industries, situation of artists
Orientation interdisciplinary, empirically supported, application-oriented cultural science
Founded 1970 as a SPIEGEL-Verlag think tank, independent since 1972

© IfM The Centre for Cultural Research (ZfKf) works on an interdisciplinary basis in empirically supported research, documentation and consultation in the practical and policy-making fields of culture, education, and media. In the past decade, the ZfKf's work was primarily focused on studies on cultural education. Studies on the culture industry, the Handbuch der Kulturpreise (i.e. handbook of cultural awards) and gender studies were additional focal areas.

The ZfKf cooperates with numerous research and cultural institutions in Germany and internationally. Assignments and cooperative projects take the centre's staff members to all regions of Europe as well as to North and South America, Africa, and Asia.
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