tt 30 Germany, (tt 30 Deutschland)

Copyright: tt30
Institution tt 30 Deutschland
Location Hamburg (Club of Rome)
Themes sustainable societal development
Orientation interdisciplinary research, conferences and projects, publications, network
Founded 2004

© tt 30 Deutschland think tank 30 Deutschland is an independent, non-partisan and autonomous network under the umbrella of the German Association Club of Rome for young people around 30 years of age, which is dedicated to the Club of Rome's principles and therefore to a comprehensive, global and long-term problem-solving approach to the challenges of our times. tt 30 seeks above all to include the perspectives of the younger generation. As a national body, it examines the specific situation of Germany and its responsibility – along the lines of think globally; act locally – within the framework of global problem horizons. Themes relating to sustainable development are treated on an interdisciplinary basis.
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