The Right Livelihood Award

Copyright: RLA
Institution The Right Livelihood Award
Location Stockholm (Sweden)
Themes Alternative Nobel Prize in the areas of human rights, sustainability, democracy, education, culture and economics
Orientation promotion of research
Founded 1980

© The Right Livelihood Award The so-called Alternative Nobel Prize – officially the "Right Livelihood Award"– honours persons and initiatives that find and successfully implement solutions to the most urgent problems of our times. The "Right Livelihood Award" Foundation is politically and ideologically independent.
A jury decides on the winners. In principle, anyone can propose anyone else. Starting in 1985, the award ceremonies have taken place in the Swedish Parliament, mostly on the day before the awarding of the Nobel Prize. The prize is financed through private donations.

The Alternative Nobel Prize winners champion human rights, peace, conflict solution, cultural and spiritual renewal, environmental protection and sustainable use of our resources. Additional work areas of the prize winners are globalisation, agriculture, children, education, nutrition, alternative technologies and innovative economic models.
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