Cluster of Excellence "The Future Ocean" of Kiel University (Exzellenzcluster “Ozean der Zukunft”)

Copyright: Ozean der Zukunft
Institution Cluster of Excellence "The Future Ocean" of Kiel University
Location Kiel
Themes ocean and climate change, resource management
Orientation marine, earth, economic, medical and social science research
Founded 2006

© Ozean der Zukunft Cluster of Excellence "The Future Ocean" is an association of approximately 250 scientists in Kiel from 26 institutes of Christian Albrecht University, the Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences IFM-GEOMAR, the Kiel Institute for the World Economy IfW and the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts.
In "The Future Ocean," experts from a wide spectrum of disciplines combine their competences: for instance, legal experts and earth scientists resolve how and by whom ocean floor resources may be utilised; and climate researchers and economists determine under what circumstances CO2 storage on the ocean floor is feasible.

The Cluster of Excellence's goals are to study ocean change and re-evaluate risks and opportunities for the oceans. The scientists take a multidisciplinary approach here to urgent research questions, in order to develop global management of the oceans and maritime resources.
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