Urban Development

German Institute of Urban Affairs (Deutsches Institut für Urbanistik, Difu)

Institution German Institute of Urban Affairs
Location Berlin, Cologne (environmental division)
Themes municipal policy, urban development, transportation policy, social issues, environment and law
Orientation application oriented research, advanced training and consultation
Founded 1973

The Difu provides cities, towns, administrative districts, regional associations and regional planning departments with research, advanced training and information. It advises on current issues and develops long-term perspectives for sustainable urban development in the future. It is active in practice oriented research, advanced training and consultation. Its focal areas are population and social issues, mobility and infrastructure, policy-making, law and administration, urban planning and development, economics and finance, environment and sustainability as well as methodologies.

The institute's approximately 100 research staff members make their knowledge of municipal issues available for application in practice through seminars, information and documentation services as well as a number of publications and journals. As a joint independent research facility serving German cities and towns, the Difu places particular value on continuous exchange of information –both on the level of research and that of municipal practice. It also cooperates with the German Association Cities (Deutscher Städtetag).
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