Centre of European Law and Politics (Zentrum für Europäische Rechtspolitik, ZERP)

Copyright: ZERP
Institution Centre of European and Politics
Location Bremen
Themes European integration
Orientation research on European development from the perspective of the legal sciences and sociology of law
Founded 1982 (by the Senate of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen as a foundation under private law)

© ZERP The Centre of European Law and Politics (ZERP) at the University of Bremen is an interdisciplinary research institute that is active in the area of European integration. Its specific focus is on the connection between legal and political science research, including the disciplines of political theory, legal theory and sociology of law, as well as on European constitutional, economic and private law, international relations and women's and gender research.

Starting in 2009, ZERP is an intramural institute. ZERP's activities are divided into three programme areas: economics and social justice, environmental protection and human rights, and transnational democracy and peace. The international approach of the institute's research enables a polyperspectival view onto the EU's complex, branched structure and furthers understanding of the latter.
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