Center for Buddhist Research (Zentrum für Buddhismusforschung)

Copyright: ZFB
Institution Center for Buddhist Research
Location Munich
Themes Buddhism, ethnology of Buddhist cultures, economic, social and cultural change in Buddhist societies
Orientation philological and philosophical, social science and and religious studies-based research, advancement of next-generation researchers

© Promotionsprogramm Buddhismus-Studien The Center for Buddhist Research concentrates the competencies of various departments of the Ludwig Maximilian University for the purpose of researching Buddhism in history and the present. Currently, the departments of Indology, Japanology, Sinology and religious studies are involved.

The program´s research investigates patterns of identity and intellectual and social changes in this world religion. In these contexts, in addition to historical and socio-historical approaches, issues and analyses relating to aesthetics, theory of perception, and religious practice are linked with each other.
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