Munich Center for Islamic Studies (Münchner Zentrum für Islamstudien, MZIS)

Copyright: F. Heiler
Institution Munich Center for Islamic Studies
Location Munich
Themes Islam, ethnology, language, history and sociology of Islamic cultures
Orientation interdisciplinary research, advancement of next-generation researchers

© F. Heiler The Munich Center for Islamic Studies (MZIS) concentrates the university-based and non-university Islam competencies of 15 intramural and four extramural facilities. Due to the wide range of participating disciplines and languages, not only the classical regions of Islam in the Near and Middle East are included in the Center's work, but also areas in Africa, Indonesia and Central Asia.

The MZIS aims to make the entire range of Islam studies in Munich transparent and accessible to a wide public. This is accomplished by linking science and research on the one hand and by efficient organisation and coordination of teaching and language training on the other. The centre's long-term goals are cooperative research projects, the creation of a post-graduate course of study and a post-graduate research programme.
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