To the edge of human existence

For two missions the astronaut Thomas Reiter was almost a whole year in outer space. At the Darmstadt Centre of the European Space Agency (ESA) he tells of his experiences there.

From Berlin to Bogota – and back via Tokyo and Kolkata

In 180 seconds a picture of the city emerges, showing what unites us and what makes us different. More …

What moves city-dwellers and how do they move? How do they interact and when do they clash? How do they allot their time and how do they exchange their possessions? How do they envision the future?

Young international journalists and filmmakers compile reports and impressions, which they then compose into a kaleidoscope of inter-cultural comparison, a global and urban snapshot that gives “their” city a face.

“180 Seconds City” is a joint production of the Goethe-Institut and the German School of Journalism.

Season 7 Periphery

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Season 6 Fashion

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Season 5 The Stranger

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  • Writers in Exile

  • Architectural Walk

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Season 4 Tomorrow

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Season 3 Sharing and Exchanging

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Season 2 With one another – against one another

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Season 1 Space and Time

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