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Europaküche Madrid

21./22. November: Madrid
Europaküche Madrid mit Arpad Dobriban

Für die Europaküche Madrid bereitete Arpad Dobriban ein spezielles Menü für seine Gäste in Madrid zu. Mit der Sonderedition EUROPAFRÜCHTE, von Hand geerntet und produziert, reflektiert Künstler Arpad Dobriban außerdem, wie wir in Europa zusammenleben wollen. Diese Editionen werden europaweit verlost!

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Da Arpad Dobriban nicht reisen konnte, entwickelte er ein spezielles Menü, das er per Post nach Madrid schickte. 16 Gäste trafen sich am Goethe-Institut Madrid zum gemeinsamen  Essen und Diskutieren während Arpad Dobriban live über Zoom dabei war und seine Gäste durch den Abend und seine Gerichte führte.

Poems by Mohammed Z. Rahman

Pancakes, like fruit, fingerprints and snowflakes hold that peculiar quality of being predictably unpredictable. To honour Arpad Dobrian’s celebration of imperfection in European Fruits, Mohammed ate the three jams on pancakes to compose three poetic sensory responses.

Pancakes and Jams © Mohammed Z. Rahman

Pancake Spreading © Mohammed Z. Rahman


Albaricoques © Mohammed Z. Rahman Fresh breeze gasps
freed by the twist of a lid,
startled the glum winter.
Sunshine in a thin paste,
a tart melody trills
from another season.

I think about the summer gone,
the places I could have been.
Spread it on the pancake
and with a sizzling tongue
vanish into a syrupy chorus
of orange cymbals.

​Ciruela Amarilla

Ciruela Amarilla © Mohammed Z. Rahman Ripe honey laced over
plum-pip Cyanide
starts the morning.
Countless imperfect fruit
boiled down, nude
their taste stark and bodily.

Layers of soil folded into sugars
turned by whatever biomagic
and bubbling pot.
Grounded through the mouth,
I flee the city
a short haul flight as long as I chew.

​Naranja Amarga

Naranja Amarga © Mohammed Z. Rahman Hard pectin, bitter and alive
heaves against the spoon
resists its fate.
I carve it from the jar
it makes rude gestures,
flame-like limbs of zest.

A citrus twang bounces
across the pancake,
guitars and banjos
as the teaspoon terraforms
a small mountain
into an amber field.