Dr. Bruno Gross am 12. Oktober 2012 Grußwort von Dr. Bruno Gross anlässlich der Eröffnung der Indo-German Urban Mela in New Delhi

Honorable Lieutenant Governor, Mr. Tejendra Khanna,

Your Excellency, Botschafter Steiner,

Dear Ms. Sushmita Sen,

Dear Mr. Chandran,


Ladies and gentlemen,


13 months ago in September 2011, Nehru Park, one of the most popular parks in this amazing city, saw the spectacular opening of the Year of Germany in India with a captivating performance by Sivamani, the star percussionist from India, and Christoph Haberer, the drum wizard from Germany.

Today we have assembled again in one of Delhi’s most beautiful parks, this time for the opening of the absolute highlight of our Year of Germany: the Indo-German Urban Mela. Indraprastha Park is still relatively new and perhaps less visited than Nehru Park, but it is a truly marvellous spot, well worth discovering and exploring during and after the mela!

Our key theme for the Year of Germany in India is ‘CitySpaces’/’StadtRäume’. It was chosen with the intention of creating awareness in mega-cities like Delhi about the urgent need for spaces where the people can come together to relax and enjoy themselves. In global cities, urban public space is shrinking by the minute, eaten up, as it were, by the insatiable, ever-increasing demands of commerce and infrastructure. In this scenario, it is a remarkable achievement on the part of the

Delhi government to have transformed a notorious landfill site into a flourishing public park of such dimensions.

With our specific interest in City Spaces, we couldn’t have found a more appropriate location for the Indo-German Urban Mela than Indraprastha Park, created on more than 200 acres of reclaimed land! We are also very conscious of the fact that on this spot we are probably not too far from the very first settlement on the banks of the Yamuna, founded some 5000 years ago by the legendary Pandavas: the city of Indraprastha, from which the park derives its name. I would imagine that way back then, in those mythical times, bagichha tents, shamianas and pavilions of all shapes and sizes came up here and huge gatherings took place with grand fanfare, joy and excitement, just like tonight and during the coming nine days at our Indo-German Urban Mela!

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Markus Heinsdorff, the artistic mastermind behind this magnificent ensemble of sparkling gemstones, to all our corporate and institutional partners for the extraordinarily imaginative displays in the pavilions, and to the entire technical and logistical team involved in the Mela:

You have created a truly stunning scenario, a vibrating new space in the city – congratulations!

Thank you very much for your attention!

I am wishing you an exciting time at the Indo-German Urban Mela in Delhi!

Gehalten am 27. Oktober 2012 in New Delhi/Indien.