Film portraits Series: Arch-Lab (11–15)

Drawing Komatsunagi Terrace, Mitsuhiko Sato
Drawing Komatsunagi Terrace, Mitsuhiko Sato | © ARCHlab/Weblab

Any city or environment makes specific demands on a building and its planners. We will be presenting one building in each of our 30 film portraits and hearing from its architects. The next five films in the series can be seen here. A further three blocks will be shown at five-week intervals, each of them containing five portraits. Overall, the roughly three-minute clips offer a multifaceted view of contemporary international architecture.

Dominique Perrault – EWHA Womens University Seoul 

Christian de Portzamparc – Cultural Center of Sozhou 

Mitsuhiko Sato – Komatsunagi Terrace, Tokyo


Pei Zhu – Performing Arts Center of Dali

Kadawittfeld – Adidas-Zentrale Herzogenaurach