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New Audiobooks
Well Worth Hearing

In the summertime in particular we’re either travelling or staying put. Audiobooks are great companions for both. Here’s a small selection of award-winning new releases.

By Marit Borcherding

Writer Jörg Fauser would have turned 75 in 2019. During his lifetime, the German literary establishment turned up their noses at him, but today he’s regarded as a pioneer of underground literature in post-war Germany. Diogenes Verlag is celebrating the birthday of the author who died so young by reissuing his work. And what a success it’s been. The thriller Das Schlangenmaul (The Snake’s Mouth) set in 1980s West Berlin, read in its entirety by Charly Hübner, went straight to first place on the hr2 Best Audiobooks List in July 2019. An actor known not just from the Polizeiruf TV show, Hübner’s reading “... of the audiobook edition is languid, laid-back, cool ... Making him the right man for this story, a thriller that’s also a big social novel that describes the milieu as only Fauser could,” MDR Kultur summarises admiringly.

Kafka: Das Schloß © Argon / Edition parlando Taking some time for Franz Kafka is always beneficial. And when the award-winning radio drama and voice actor Christian Brückner takes on the haunting, multi-layered narrative of surveyor K and his fight against hierarchy and power structures the result is fine-tuned world literature. On Deutschlandfunk Tobias Wenzel praises how masterfully Brückner transports the atmosphere of the novel Das Schloß (The Castle). He is glad for the wonderful opportunity of experiencing the novel in all its inscrutability, thanks to the impressively read audiobook.

With courage and drive

Where’s all the hate coming from? It’s a difficult question to answer when one learns what racist, offensive and threatening post the journalist Hasnain Kazim, who was born in Oldenburg and is a German citizen, receives almost daily. But the Spiegel author didn’t hide away; he took the offensive. He resolved to answer the letters – with no lack of humour. Some of this quirky correspondence can be heard on Post von Karlheinz. Bernhard Schütz and Cathlen Gawlich read the letters of the angry citizens while Bjarne Mädel, who has become famous as a crime scene cleaner, reads Hasnain Kazim’s replies. Kazim urges us to follow his example. “If we remain silent, we begin accepting the hatred. So let’s speak up!”

Humboldt: Der unbekannte Kosmos © Der Hörverlag 2019 marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of naturalist and world traveller Alexander von Humboldt. In his honour, Hörverlag has put together a selection from Humboldt’s extensive works. Ulrich Noethen lends his voice to the scientist, already highly respected in his lifetime, who travelled almost the whole world. In addition, within a total running time of about 10 hours the eight CDs contain biographical details by Hans Sarkowicz and scientific assessments by Oliver Lubrich, the publisher of Humboldt’s complete works, as well as other Humboldt researchers. One hour of listening to the audiobook Der unbekannte Kosmos des Alexander von Humboldt (The Unknown Cosmos of Alexander von Humboldt) is like more than eight days of reading according to the FAZ.

Family and friendship

Schomburg: Herzensbruder - Bruderherz © Headroom It’s great to have siblings. It’s all the sadder when twelve-year-old Luise learns that her twin brother died at birth. But she brings him back to life for herself, raving in a theatre workshop about how cool and nice he is. What she didn’t anticipate was the other kids’ curiosity: They can’t wait to meet him. Viktor comes to the rescue. He’s something of a loser in class, but a pretty good actor. Is that gonna work out? Actor Camilla Reschke reads the turbulent story Herzensbruder, Bruderherz (Dearest Brother, Brother Dear) by Andrea Schomburg about family, friendship and sticking together with momentum and feeling (third place, children and young people’s audio books of the month, hr2 Best Audiobooks List May 2019).

There’s nothing like hilarity to fight boredom, so we highly recommend the audiobook Juli und August – Krokodil über Bord (Juli and August – Crocodile Overboard) as an acoustic holiday pastime for children 6 years and older. August and Juli meet each other at sea. He, August, signs up with her, Juli, as a ship’s boy because she has an amazing raft. An adventurous journey begins including wild rain dances and containers full of marshmallows. The actor Boris Aljinovic reads with plenty of humour and it was crowned with number 1 on the children’s and youth’s audiobooks of the month, hr2 Best Audiobooks List July 2019).

Cherry Picker Fauser: Jörg: Das Schlangenmaul (Sprecher: Charly Hübner)
Zürich: Diogenes, 2019. 1 MP3-CD (7 Std. 8 Min.)
ISBN: 978-3-257-80404-1

Kafka, Franz: Das Schloß (Sprecher: Christian Brückner)
Berlin: Argon / Edition parlando, 2019. 2 MP3-CDs (9 Std. 20 Min.)
ISBN: 978-3-8398-7116-4
You can find this title in our eLibrary Onleihe.

Kazim, Hasnain: Post von Karlheinz (Sprecher*innen: Cathlen Gawlich, Hasnain Kazim, Bjarne Mädel und Bernhard Schütz)
München: Der Hörverlag, 2019. 2 CDs (ca. 2 Std. 10 Min.)
ISBN: 978-3-8445-3216-6
You can find this title in our eLibrary Onleihe.

Humboldt, Alexander von; Sarkowicz, Hans (Hrsg.): Der unbekannte Kosmos des Alexander von Humboldt (Sprecher*innen: Ulrich Noethen, Friederike Ott, Birgitta Assheuer, Moritz Pliquet, Reinhart von Stolzmann)
München: Der Hörverlag, 2019. 8 CDs (10 Std. 7 Min.)
ISBN: 978-3-8445-3305-7
You can find this title in our eLibrary Onleihe.

Schomburg, Andrea: Herzensbruder, Bruderherz (Sprecherin: Camilla Renschke)
Köln: Headroom, 2019. 3 CDs (3 Std. 20 Min.)
ISBN: 978-3-96346-014-2

Knorre, Alexander von: Juli und August – Krokodil über Bord! (Sprecher: Boris Aljinovic)
Berlin: Der Audio Verlag, 2019. 2 CDs (ca. 2 Std. 1 Min.)
ISBN: 978-3-7424-0997-3
You can find this title in our eLibrary Onleihe.