Einfach Lesen! (Just Read!)– Introduction

Words of welcome from Hella Klauser

Hella Klauser, head of the Goethe-Institut’s Information and Library Division, opens the workshop

Refugees at libraries

The workshop began with a two-part motivational lecture, the first part of which was given by Anne Barckow (Bücherhallen Hamburg, a private foundation that runs public libraries in Hamburg). She is a lector and head of the department of intercultural services, languages and pedagogy, as well as a member of the Committee on Intercultural Library Work of the German Library Association (dbv). She has been especially active in providing library services for refugees over the past 1.5 years. 

Lecture by Anne Barckow (Bücherhallen Hamburg)

Britta Schmedemann, who presented the second part of the lecture, has worked for Stadtbibliothek Bremen (Bremen Public Libraries) since 2009. At Stadtbibliothek Bremen, she has specialized in library work with adults since 2013. Within this role, she initiated for example the “media boxes” to encourage the participation of refugees. She has also been a member of the Committee on Intercultural Library Work of the German Library Association (dbv) since July 2015. 

Lecture by Britta Schmedemann (Stadtbibliothek Bremen)

Design of the material collection

The material in this collection has been put together to reflect the workshop topics. Pick the topic that interests you in order to obtain more information.

This workshop introduced participants to a variety of different techniques that involve using a combination of language and movement to better commit new words to memory and bring stories dynamically to life.

The workshop was run by Anika Schmidt, Stadtbibliothek Bremen, dbv Committee on Children’s and Young Adult Libraries.

Workshop: Bringing stories to life
Participants in this workshop were familiarized with the visual literacy concept, which provides access to text through pictures. Various methods of approaching specific themes were presented, for example using picture stories or memory games.
The workshop was run by Heidi Jakob, Bücherhallen Hamburg, children’s work coordinator.

Workshop: A picture’s worth a thousand words
During this workshop participants searched for recurrent themes in both language versions of a particular fairy tale by identifying key scenes and presenting them creatively, for example using hand puppets or singing.

The workshop was run by Susanne Brandt, Büchereizentrale Schleswig-Holstein (Schleswig-Holstein Central Library Services).

Fairy tales work wonders