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Ejla Ćurovac
Emerging International Voices

An information science enthusiast who spreads a love of books.

Ejla Ćurovac private
What’s a library to you?

The library is home to me. It is a place of miracles, a place where all that is impossible becomes possible, a place where we can always find what we need. The library is a space where, even indoors, we cross borders and travel to distant worlds of science, art, literature and imagination.

What’s the single most essential thing you need in your everyday work?

The most essential thing in my everyday work is computer with internet connection.

What was the most memorable experience you ever had in a library?

I met the love of my life in library, so that must be it. There were many fantastic experiences in my library, because it is my second home, place where I am truly happy, but being able to met my husband there when he came on his first day of work is something that is unforgettable and something that changed my life forever.

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A library without a librarian it is worthless

Libraries have always been extremely important for every community because they are centres of information, culture, and education, and in them we always have access to relevant, recent and verified data. The most important person in all of this is the librarian.