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Geetha M
Emerging International Voices

An accident prone with spurt of new ideas that I try to implement in field of learning and understanding.

Geetha M private What’s a library to you?

Library is like a community Kitchen to me. I remember reading this novel “the hour past midnight” by Salma, and I was amused by the kitchen and cooking descriptions that women cherished together.
I think library is such a space where we are amused as to how different learning elements like cooking ingredients come together to create lifelong learning and experiences.

Just like the way nature amuses us new flora and fauna which is brought into the kitchen for exploration and experimentation, the many new and interesting aspects of the world can be made available in the library for exploration.

What’s the single most essential thing you need in your everyday work? 

Planner Diary

What was the most memorable experience you ever had in a library?

Here is the description of the moments.
Article 370 was revoked in the state of Kashmir by the government of India. We were having a discussion with children “People of Kashmir should decide about what status they prefer. It is simply their house. How can others go about decide about them?”

This was from one of conversations we were having at the community library we run for children.  
Geetha M - Emerging International Voices for Library Advocacy. The Goethe-Institut Programme with IFLA Goethe-Institut | created with Canva | CC BY 4.0

Bridging the digital divide

In India, where top 10% of the population holds 77% of the wealth and close to 80% of the population live in extreme poverty due to lack of access to educational and employment opportunities, the digital divide is only increasing this gap. Access to digital libraries is vital in bridging this divide.