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Madiareni Sulaiman
Emerging International Voices

A research data librarian, from Archipelago Country (Indonesia), with her glasses on to see dynamic data.

Madiareni Sulaiman private What’s a library to you?

The library is colourful with its diversity on things (users, collections, communities, and events). It is a sanctuary for people to achieve some to-do lists (studying, resting, and breathing). So, for me, the library is a one-stop place to explore even if you are only in between racks of collections, or digital one.

What’s the single most essential thing you need in your everyday work?

It is a multi-tasking smartphone. I could do a lot of things for works and communication in one gadget, and of course, it is portable. For millennials, everything can be done from a gadget in your hand which always can be reached directly from your pocket.

What was the most memorable experience you ever had in a library?

I got inspiration and had the opportunity to exchange ideas freely. I attended many events provided by British Library at that time and got so much enlightenment from BL Labs Symposium to the London Book Fair events. And could meet people that I usually seen in cyberspace!
Madiareni Sulaiman - Emerging International Voices for Library Advocacy. The Goethe-Institut Programme with IFLA Goethe-Institut | created with Canva | CC BY 4.0

Supporting open data and open government

How can specialist libraries transform themselves in order to serve the communities better? On the importance of open data and making information available.